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Published: Sep 21, 2021 License: Apache-2.0


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IBM Cloud Open Toolchain Go SDK 0.0.1

Go client library to interact with the various IBM Cloud Open Toolchain Services APIs.

Disclaimer: this SDK is being released initially as a pre-release version. Changes might occur which impact applications that use this SDK.

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The IBM Cloud Open Toolchain Services Go SDK allows developers to programmatically interact with the following IBM Cloud services:

Service Name Package name


  • An IBM Cloud account.
  • An IAM API key to allow the SDK to access your account. Create one here.
  • Go version 1.14 or above.


The current version of this SDK: 0.0.1

Go modules

If your application uses Go modules for dependency management (recommended), just add an import for each service that you will use in your application.
Here is an example:

import (

Next, run go build or go mod tidy to download and install the new dependencies and update your application's go.mod file.

In the example above, the exampleservicev1 part of the import path is the package name associated with the Example Service service. See the service table above to find the approprate package name for the services used by your application.

go get command

Alternatively, you can use the go get command to download and install the appropriate packages needed by your application:

go get -u

Be sure to use the appropriate package name from the service table above for the services used by your application.

Using the SDK

For general SDK usage information, please see this link

Generating SDK

$ generate -g ibm-go -i docs/openapi.yaml -o .
$ go fmt ./...
$ patch opentoolchainv1/open_toolchain_v1.go < opentoolchainv1/patch


If you are having difficulties using this SDK or have a question about the IBM Cloud services, please ask a question at Stack Overflow.


If you encounter an issue with the project, you are welcome to submit a bug report. Before that, please search for similar issues. It's possible that someone has already reported the problem.

Open source @ IBM

Find more open source projects on the IBM Github Page

Known issues

  • Current openapi generator does not yet support application/x-www-form-urlencoded body type, fix by applying patch file in opentoolchainv1 folder:
patch open_toolchain_v1.go < patch




This SDK project is released under the Apache 2.0 license. The license's full text can be found in LICENSE.


Path Synopsis
Package opentoolchainv1 : Operations and models for the OpenToolchainV1 service
Package opentoolchainv1 : Operations and models for the OpenToolchainV1 service

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