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const Version = "0.0.1"

Version of the SDK


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func GetSdkHeaders

func GetSdkHeaders(serviceName string, serviceVersion string, operationId string) map[string]string

GetSdkHeaders - returns the set of SDK-specific headers to be included in an outgoing request.

This function is invoked by generated service methods (i.e. methods which implement the REST API operations defined within the API definition). The purpose of this function is to give the SDK implementor the opportunity to provide SDK-specific HTTP headers that will be sent with an outgoing REST API request. This function is invoked for each invocation of a generated service method, so the set of HTTP headers could be request-specific. As an optimization, if your SDK will be returning the same set of HTTP headers for each invocation of this function, it is recommended that you initialize the returned map just once (perhaps by using lazy initialization) and simply return it each time the function is invoked, instead of building it each time as in the example below.

If you plan to gather metrics for your SDK, the User-Agent header value must be a string similar to the following: opentoolchain-go-sdk/0.0.1 (lang=go; arch=x86_64; os=Linux; go.version=1.12.9)

In the example above, the analytics tool will parse the user-agent header and use the following properties: "opentoolchain-go-sdk" - the name of your sdk "0.0.1"- the version of your sdk "lang=go" - the language of the current sdk "arch=x86_64; os=Linux; go.version=1.12.9" - system information

Note: It is very important that the sdk name ends with the string `-sdk`, as the analytics data collector uses this to gather usage data.


serviceName - the name of the service as defined in the API definition (e.g. "MyService1")
serviceVersion - the version of the service as defined in the API definition (e.g. "V1")
operationId - the operationId as defined in the API definition (e.g. getContext)


a Map which contains the set of headers to be included in the REST API request

func GetSystemInfo

func GetSystemInfo() string

func GetUserAgentInfo

func GetUserAgentInfo() string


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