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Published: Jun 6, 2014 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 22 Imported by: 0




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const (
	TPL_CREATE_REPO    = `<a href="/user/%s">%s</a> created repository <a href="/%s">%s</a>`
	TPL_COMMIT_REPO    = `<a href="/user/%s">%s</a> pushed to <a href="/%s/src/%s">%s</a> at <a href="/%s">%s</a>%s`
	TPL_COMMIT_REPO_LI = `<div><img src="%s?s=16" alt="user-avatar"/> <a href="/%s/commit/%s" rel="nofollow">%s</a> %s</div>`
	TPL_CREATE_ISSUE   = `<a href="/user/%s">%s</a> opened issue <a href="/%s/issues/%s">%s#%s</a>
<div><img src="%s?s=16" alt="user-avatar"/> %s</div>`
	TPL_TRANSFER_REPO = `<a href="/user/%s">%s</a> transfered repository <code>%s</code> to <a href="/%s">%s</a>`
	TPL_PUSH_TAG      = `<a href="/user/%s">%s</a> pushed tag <a href="/%s/src/%s" rel="nofollow">%s</a> at <a href="/%s">%s</a>`
	TPL_COMMENT_ISSUE = `` /* 131-byte string literal not displayed */

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const (
	Minute = 60
	Hour   = 60 * Minute
	Day    = 24 * Hour
	Week   = 7 * Day
	Month  = 30 * Day
	Year   = 12 * Month

Seconds-based time units

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const (
	Byte  = 1
	KByte = Byte * 1024
	MByte = KByte * 1024
	GByte = MByte * 1024
	TByte = GByte * 1024
	PByte = TByte * 1024
	EByte = PByte * 1024
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const TimeLimitCodeLength = 12 + 6 + 40


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var GoGetMetas = make(map[string]bool)
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var (
	MentionPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`@[0-9a-zA-Z_]{1,}`)
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var TemplateFuncs template.FuncMap = map[string]interface{}{
	"GoVer": func() string {
		return runtime.Version()
	"AppName": func() string {
		return setting.AppName
	"AppVer": func() string {
		return setting.AppVer
	"AppDomain": func() string {
		return setting.Domain
	"CdnMode": func() bool {
		return setting.ProdMode && !setting.OfflineMode
	"LoadTimes": func(startTime time.Time) string {
		return fmt.Sprint(time.Since(startTime).Nanoseconds()/1e6) + "ms"
	"AvatarLink": AvatarLink,
	"str2html":   Str2html,
	"TimeSince":  TimeSince,
	"FileSize":   FileSize,
	"Subtract":   Subtract,
	"Add": func(a, b int) int {
		return a + b
	"ActionIcon": ActionIcon,
	"ActionDesc": ActionDesc,
	"DateFormat": DateFormat,
	"List":       List,
	"Mail2Domain": func(mail string) string {
		if !strings.Contains(mail, "@") {
			return ""

		suffix := strings.SplitN(mail, "@", 2)[1]
		domain, ok := mailDomains[suffix]
		if !ok {
			return "mail." + suffix
		return domain
	"SubStr": func(str string, start, length int) string {
		return str[start : start+length]
	"DiffTypeToStr":     DiffTypeToStr,
	"DiffLineTypeToStr": DiffLineTypeToStr,
	"ShortSha":          ShortSha,
	"Oauth2Icon":        Oauth2Icon,
	"Oauth2Name":        Oauth2Name,


func ActionDesc

func ActionDesc(act Actioner) string

ActionDesc accepts int that represents action operation type and returns the description.

func ActionIcon

func ActionIcon(opType int) string

ActionIcon accepts a int that represents action operation type and returns a icon class name.

func AvatarLink(email string) string

AvatarLink returns avatar link by given e-mail.

func CreateTimeLimitCode

func CreateTimeLimitCode(data string, minutes int, startInf interface{}) string

create a time limit code code format: 12 length date time string + 6 minutes string + 40 sha1 encoded string

func DateFormat

func DateFormat(t time.Time, format string) string

Date takes a PHP like date func to Go's time format.

func DateParse

func DateParse(dateString, format string) (time.Time, error)

Parse Date use PHP time format.

func DiffLineTypeToStr

func DiffLineTypeToStr(diffType int) string

func DiffTypeToStr

func DiffTypeToStr(diffType int) string

func EncodeMd5

func EncodeMd5(str string) string

Encode string to md5 hex value

func FileSize

func FileSize(s int64) string

FileSize calculates the file size and generate user-friendly string.

func GetRandomString

func GetRandomString(n int, alphabets ...byte) string

GetRandomString generate random string by specify chars.

func IsImageFile

func IsImageFile(data []byte) (string, bool)

func IsMarkdownFile

func IsMarkdownFile(name string) bool

func IsReadmeFile

func IsReadmeFile(name string) bool

func IsTextFile

func IsTextFile(data []byte) (string, bool)

func List

func List(l *list.List) chan interface{}

func Oauth2Icon added in v0.3.0

func Oauth2Icon(t int) string

func Oauth2Name added in v0.4.0

func Oauth2Name(t int) string

func PBKDF2 added in v0.3.0

func PBKDF2(password, salt []byte, iter, keyLen int, h func() hash.Hash) []byte

func Range

func Range(l int) []int

func RenderMarkdown

func RenderMarkdown(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string) []byte

func RenderMarkdownString added in v0.3.0

func RenderMarkdownString(raw, urlPrefix string) string

func RenderRawMarkdown added in v0.4.0

func RenderRawMarkdown(body []byte, urlPrefix string) []byte
func RenderSpecialLink(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string) []byte

func ShortSha

func ShortSha(sha1 string) string

func Str2html

func Str2html(raw string) template.HTML

func Subtract

func Subtract(left interface{}, right interface{}) interface{}

Subtract deals with subtraction of all types of number.

func TimeSince

func TimeSince(then time.Time) string

TimeSince calculates the time interval and generate user-friendly string.

func TimeSincePro

func TimeSincePro(then time.Time) string

TimeSincePro calculates the time interval and generate full user-friendly string.

func ToStr

func ToStr(value interface{}, args (s string)

convert any type to string

func VerifyTimeLimitCode

func VerifyTimeLimitCode(data string, minutes int, code string) bool

verify time limit code


type Actioner

type Actioner interface {
	GetOpType() int
	GetActUserName() string
	GetActEmail() string
	GetRepoUserName() string
	GetRepoName() string
	GetBranch() string
	GetContent() string

type ApiJsonErr added in v0.4.0

type ApiJsonErr struct {
	Message string `json:"message"`
	DocUrl  string `json:"documentation_url"`

type CustomRender

type CustomRender struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields
func (options *CustomRender) Link(out *bytes.Buffer, link []byte, title []byte, content []byte)

type PushCommit

type PushCommit struct {
	Sha1        string
	Message     string
	AuthorEmail string
	AuthorName  string

type PushCommits

type PushCommits struct {
	Len     int
	Commits []*PushCommit

type StrTo

type StrTo string

func (StrTo) Exist

func (f StrTo) Exist() bool

func (StrTo) Int

func (f StrTo) Int() (int, error)

func (StrTo) Int64

func (f StrTo) Int64() (int64, error)

func (StrTo) String

func (f StrTo) String() string

type TmplData

type TmplData map[string]interface{}

Type TmplData represents data in the templates.

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