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func GetDeviceIP

func GetDeviceIP() string

GetDeviceIP - Returns the devices ip address

func GetExternalIPs

func GetExternalIPs() string

GetExternalIPs - Returns all the external ip addresses

func GetExternalURLs

func GetExternalURLs() string

GetExternalURLs - Returns all external urls

func GetInternalIPbyKey

func GetInternalIPbyKey(key string) (string, error)

GetInternalIPbyKey - Returns an internal ip address by searching based on the key passed in

func GetInternalIPs

func GetInternalIPs() string

GetInternalIPs - returns all the internal ip addresses

func GetPingDelay

func GetPingDelay() string

GetPingDelay - Returns the ping delay

func GetPortNumber

func GetPortNumber() string

GetPortNumber - Returns the port number

func GetRandomExternalIP

func GetRandomExternalIP() string

GetRandomExternalIP - Returns a random external IP address

func GetRandomExternalURL

func GetRandomExternalURL() string

GetRandomExternalURL - Returns a random external url

func GetReportsLocation

func GetReportsLocation() string

GetReportsLocation - Returns the location of the report files

func GetSpeedDelay

func GetSpeedDelay() string

GetSpeedDelay - Returns the speed delay

func GetSpeedFileLocation

func GetSpeedFileLocation() string

GetSpeedFileLocation - Returns the location of the speed test files

func SetDeviceIP

func SetDeviceIP(ip string)

SetDeviceIP - Sets the device IP

func SetExternalIPs

func SetExternalIPs(ips []string)

SetExternalIPs - Sets the external IP addresses

func SetExternalURLs

func SetExternalURLs(urls []string)

SetExternalURLs - sets the external URLS

func SetInternalIP

func SetInternalIP(ip map[string]string)

SetInternalIP - Sets the internal ip value

func SetPingDelay

func SetPingDelay(delay string)

SetPingDelay - Sets the ping delay

func SetPortNumber

func SetPortNumber(pn string)

SetPortNumber - Sets the applications port number

func SetReportLocations

func SetReportLocations(loc string)

SetReportLocations - Sets the report location

func SetSpeedTestDelay

func SetSpeedTestDelay(delay string)

SetSpeedTestDelay - Sets the speed tests delay

func SetSpeedTestFileLocation

func SetSpeedTestFileLocation(loc string)

SetSpeedTestFileLocation - Sets the speed test file location


type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	SystemSettings SystemSettings
	TestSettings   TestSettings

Configuration - all the configuration settings

type Configurator

type Configurator interface {
	Update(*Configuration) (bool, error)
	GetSettings() Configuration

Configurator interface

func NewConfigurator

func NewConfigurator() Configurator

NewConfigurator creates a new configurator with the default or saved configuration options

type DelaySettings

type DelaySettings struct {
	PingDelay      string
	SpeedTestDelay string

DelaySettings - General test configuration settings

type ExternalAddresses

type ExternalAddresses struct {
	IPAddresses  []taggedIP
	URLAddresses []taggedURL

ExternalAddresses - External ip addresses and url addresses

type SystemSettings

type SystemSettings struct {
	DeviceIP string
	Port     string

SystemSettings - General system settings

type TestSettings

type TestSettings struct {
	Configuration     DelaySettings
	InternalAddresses []taggedIP
	ExternalAddresses ExternalAddresses
	FileLocations     []taggedPath

TestSettings - Settings for testing

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