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var ErrPackageNotFound = errors.New("package not found")

ErrPackageNotFound means the package is not found

type DecoratorResolver

type DecoratorResolver interface {
	ResolveIdent(file *ast.File, parent ast.Node, parentField string, id *ast.Ident) (path string, err error)

DecoratorResolver resolves an identifier to a local or remote reference.

Returns path == "" if the node is not a local or remote reference (e.g. a field in a composite literal, the selector in a selector expression etc.).

Returns path == "" is the node is a local reference.

Returns path != "" is the node is a remote reference.

type RestorerResolver

type RestorerResolver interface {
	ResolvePackage(path string) (string, error)

RestorerResolver resolves a package path to a package name.

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