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const (

	// DefaultStakeDbName is the default database name
	DefaultStakeDbName = "ffldb_stake"


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func BlockConsumesOutpointWithAddresses

func BlockConsumesOutpointWithAddresses(block *dcrutil.Block, addrs map[string]TxAction,
	c RawTransactionGetter, params *chaincfg.Params) map[string][]*dcrutil.Tx

    BlockConsumesOutpointWithAddresses checks the specified block to see if it includes transactions that spend from outputs created using any of the addresses in addrs. The TxAction for each address is not important, but it would logically be TxMined. Both regular and stake transactions are checked. The RPC client is used to get the PreviousOutPoint for each TxIn of each transaction in the block, from which the address is obtained from the PkScript of that output. chaincfg Params is required to decode the script.

    func BlockReceivesToAddresses

    func BlockReceivesToAddresses(block *dcrutil.Block, addrs map[string]TxAction,
    	params *chaincfg.Params) map[string][]*dcrutil.Tx

      BlockReceivesToAddresses checks a block for transactions paying to the specified addresses, and creates a map of addresses to a slice of dcrutil.Tx involving the address.

      func BuildStakeTree

      func BuildStakeTree(blocks map[int64]*dcrutil.Block, netParams *chaincfg.Params,
      	nodeClient *rpcclient.Client, poolRequiredHeight int64, DBName ...string) (database.DB, []int64, error)

        BuildStakeTree returns a database with a stake tree

        func DetermineTxTypeString

        func DetermineTxTypeString(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) string

          DetermineTxTypeString returns a string representing the transaction type given a wire.MsgTx struct

          func FeeInfoBlock

          func FeeInfoBlock(block *dcrutil.Block) *dcrjson.FeeInfoBlock

            FeeInfoBlock computes ticket fee statistics for the tickets included in the specified block.

            func FeeRateInfoBlock

            func FeeRateInfoBlock(block *dcrutil.Block) *dcrjson.FeeInfoBlock

              FeeRateInfoBlock computes ticket fee rate statistics for the tickets included in the specified block.

              func FilterHashSlice

              func FilterHashSlice(s []chainhash.Hash, doRemove func(h chainhash.Hash) bool) []chainhash.Hash

                FilterHashSlice removes elements from the specified if the doRemove function evaluates to true for a given element. For example, given a slice of hashes called blackList that should be removed from the slice hashList:

                hashList = FilterHashSlice(hashList, func(h chainhash.Hash) bool {

                return HashInSlice(h, blackList)


                func GetDifficultyRatio

                func GetDifficultyRatio(bits uint32, params *chaincfg.Params) float64

                  GetDifficultyRatio returns the proof-of-work difficulty as a multiple of the minimum difficulty using the passed bits field from the header of a block.

                  func HashInSlice

                  func HashInSlice(h chainhash.Hash, list []chainhash.Hash) bool

                    HashInSlice determines if a hash exists in a slice of hashes.

                    func IncludesStakeTx

                    func IncludesStakeTx(txHash *chainhash.Hash, block *dcrutil.Block) (int, int8)

                      IncludesStakeTx checks if a block contains a stake transaction hash

                      func IncludesTx

                      func IncludesTx(txHash *chainhash.Hash, block *dcrutil.Block) (int, int8)

                        IncludesTx checks if a block contains a transaction hash

                        func IsStakeTx

                        func IsStakeTx(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) bool

                          IsStakeTx indicates if the input MsgTx is a stake transaction.

                          func MedianAmount

                          func MedianAmount(s []dcrutil.Amount) dcrutil.Amount

                            MedianAmount gets the median Amount from a slice of Amounts

                            func MedianCoin

                            func MedianCoin(s []float64) float64

                              MedianCoin gets the median DCR from a slice of float64s

                              func MsgTxFromHex

                              func MsgTxFromHex(txhex string) (*wire.MsgTx, error)

                                MsgTxFromHex returns a wire.MsgTx struct built from the transaction hex string

                                func OutPointAddresses

                                func OutPointAddresses(outPoint *wire.OutPoint, c RawTransactionGetter,
                                	params *chaincfg.Params) ([]string, dcrutil.Amount, error)

                                  OutPointAddresses gets the addresses paid to by a transaction output.

                                  func OutPointAddressesFromString

                                  func OutPointAddressesFromString(txid string, index uint32, tree int8,
                                  	c RawTransactionGetter, params *chaincfg.Params) ([]string, error)

                                    OutPointAddressesFromString is the same as OutPointAddresses, but it takes the outpoint as the tx string, vout index, and tree.

                                    func RevokedTicketsInBlock

                                    func RevokedTicketsInBlock(bl *dcrutil.Block) []chainhash.Hash

                                      RevokedTicketsInBlock finds all the revoked tickets in the block.

                                      func RewardsAtBlock

                                      func RewardsAtBlock(blockIdx int64, votes uint16, p *chaincfg.Params) (work, stake, tax int64)

                                        RewardsAtBlock computes the PoW, PoS (per vote), and project fund subsidies at for the specified block index, assuming a certain number of votes.

                                        func SSGenVoteBits

                                        func SSGenVoteBits(tx *wire.MsgTx) (uint16, error)

                                          SSGenVoteBits returns the VoteBits of txOut[1] of a ssgen tx

                                          func SSGenVoteChoices

                                          func SSGenVoteChoices(tx *wire.MsgTx, params *chaincfg.Params) (BlockValidation, uint32, uint16, []*VoteChoice, error)

                                            SSGenVoteChoices gets a ssgen's vote choices (block validity and any agendas). The vote's stake version, to which the vote choices correspond, and vote bits are also returned. Note that []*VoteChoice may be an empty slice if there are no consensus deployments for the transaction's vote version. The error value may be non-nil if the tx is not a valid ssgen.

                                            func SSTXInBlock

                                            func SSTXInBlock(block *dcrutil.Block) []*dcrutil.Tx

                                              SSTXInBlock gets a slice containing all of the SSTX mined in a block

                                              func TicketTxnsInBlock

                                              func TicketTxnsInBlock(bl *dcrutil.Block) ([]chainhash.Hash, []*dcrutil.Tx)

                                                TicketTxnsInBlock finds all the new tickets in the block.

                                                func TicketsInBlock

                                                func TicketsInBlock(bl *dcrutil.Block) ([]chainhash.Hash, []*wire.MsgTx)

                                                  TicketsInBlock finds all the new tickets in the block.

                                                  func TicketsSpentInBlock

                                                  func TicketsSpentInBlock(bl *dcrutil.Block) []chainhash.Hash

                                                    TicketsSpentInBlock finds all the tickets spent in the block.

                                                    func TotalOutFromMsgTx

                                                    func TotalOutFromMsgTx(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) dcrutil.Amount

                                                      TotalOutFromMsgTx computes the total value out of a MsgTx

                                                      func TotalVout

                                                      func TotalVout(vouts []dcrjson.Vout) dcrutil.Amount

                                                        TotalVout computes the total value of a slice of dcrjson.Vout

                                                        func TxConsumesOutpointWithAddress

                                                        func TxConsumesOutpointWithAddress(msgTx *wire.MsgTx, addr string,
                                                        	c VerboseTransactionGetter, params *chaincfg.Params) (prevOuts []PrevOut, prevTxs []*TxWithBlockData)

                                                          TxConsumesOutpointWithAddress checks a transaction for inputs that spend an outpoint paying to the given address. Returned are the identified input indexes and the corresponding previous outpoints determined.

                                                          func TxFee

                                                          func TxFee(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) dcrutil.Amount

                                                            TxFee computes and returns the fee for a given tx

                                                            func TxFeeRate

                                                            func TxFeeRate(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) (dcrutil.Amount, dcrutil.Amount)

                                                              TxFeeRate computes and returns the fee rate in DCR/KB for a given tx

                                                              func TxInvolvesAddress

                                                              func TxInvolvesAddress(msgTx *wire.MsgTx, addr string, c VerboseTransactionGetter,
                                                              	params *chaincfg.Params) (outpoints []*wire.OutPoint,
                                                              	prevOuts []PrevOut, prevTxs []*TxWithBlockData)

                                                                TxInvolvesAddress checks the inputs and outputs of a transaction for involvement of the given address.

                                                                func TxPaysToAddress

                                                                func TxPaysToAddress(msgTx *wire.MsgTx, addr string,
                                                                	params *chaincfg.Params) (outpoints []*wire.OutPoint)

                                                                  TxPaysToAddress returns a slice of outpoints of a transaction which pay to specified address.

                                                                  func TxTree

                                                                  func TxTree(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) int8

                                                                    TxTree returns for a wire.MsgTx either wire.TxTreeStake or wire.TxTreeRegular depending on the type of transaction.

                                                                    func TxhashInSlice

                                                                    func TxhashInSlice(txs []*dcrutil.Tx, txHash *chainhash.Hash) *dcrutil.Tx

                                                                      TxhashInSlice searches a slice of *dcrutil.Tx for a transaction with the hash txHash. If found, it returns the corresponding *Tx, otherwise nil.

                                                                      func UltimateSubsidy

                                                                      func UltimateSubsidy(params *chaincfg.Params) int64

                                                                        UltimateSubsidy computes the total subsidy over the entire subsidy distribution period of the network.

                                                                        func VoteBitsInBlock

                                                                        func VoteBitsInBlock(block *dcrutil.Block) []stake.VoteVersionTuple

                                                                          VoteBitsInBlock returns a list of vote bits for the votes in a block

                                                                          func VoteVersion

                                                                          func VoteVersion(pkScript []byte) uint32

                                                                            VoteVersion extracts the vote version from the input pubkey script.

                                                                            func VotesInBlock

                                                                            func VotesInBlock(bl *dcrutil.Block) []chainhash.Hash

                                                                              VotesInBlock finds all the votes in the block.


                                                                              type AddressOutpoints

                                                                              type AddressOutpoints struct {
                                                                              	Address   string
                                                                              	Outpoints []*wire.OutPoint
                                                                              	PrevOuts  []PrevOut
                                                                              	TxnsStore map[chainhash.Hash]*TxWithBlockData

                                                                                AddressOutpoints collects spendable and spent transactions outpoints paying to a certain address. The transactions referenced by the outpoints are stored for quick access.

                                                                                func NewAddressOutpoints

                                                                                func NewAddressOutpoints(address string) *AddressOutpoints

                                                                                  NewAddressOutpoints creates a new AddressOutpoints, initializing the transaction store/cache, and setting the address string.

                                                                                  func (*AddressOutpoints) Merge

                                                                                  func (a *AddressOutpoints) Merge(ao *AddressOutpoints)

                                                                                    Merge concatenates the outpoints of two AddressOutpoints, and merges the transactions.

                                                                                    func (*AddressOutpoints) Update

                                                                                    func (a *AddressOutpoints) Update(Txns []*TxWithBlockData,
                                                                                    	Outpoints []*wire.OutPoint, PrevOutpoint []PrevOut)

                                                                                      Update appends the provided outpoints, and merges the transactions.

                                                                                      type BlockValidation

                                                                                      type BlockValidation struct {
                                                                                      	// Hash is the hash of the block being targeted (in)validated
                                                                                      	Hash chainhash.Hash
                                                                                      	// Height is the height of the block
                                                                                      	Height int64
                                                                                      	// Validity indicates the vote is to validate (true) or invalidate (false)
                                                                                      	// the block.
                                                                                      	Validity bool

                                                                                        BlockValidation models the block validation indicated by an ssgen (vote) transaction.

                                                                                        func SSGenVoteBlockValid

                                                                                        func SSGenVoteBlockValid(msgTx *wire.MsgTx) (BlockValidation, uint16, error)

                                                                                          SSGenVoteBlockValid determines if a vote transaction is voting yes or no to a block, and returns the votebits in case the caller wants to check agenda votes. The error return may be ignored if the input transaction is known to be a valid ssgen (vote), otherwise it should be checked.

                                                                                          type BlockWatchedTx

                                                                                          type BlockWatchedTx struct {
                                                                                          	BlockHeight   int64
                                                                                          	TxsForAddress map[string][]*dcrutil.Tx

                                                                                            BlockWatchedTx contains, for a certain block, the transactions for certain watched addresses

                                                                                            type PrevOut

                                                                                            type PrevOut struct {
                                                                                            	TxSpending       chainhash.Hash
                                                                                            	InputIndex       int
                                                                                            	PreviousOutpoint *wire.OutPoint

                                                                                              PrevOut contains a transaction input's previous outpoint, the Hash of the spending (following) transaction, and input index in the transaction.

                                                                                              type RawTransactionGetter

                                                                                              type RawTransactionGetter interface {
                                                                                              	GetRawTransaction(txHash *chainhash.Hash) (*dcrutil.Tx, error)

                                                                                                RawTransactionGetter is an interface satisfied by rpcclient.Client, and required by functions that would otherwise require a rpcclient.Client just for GetRawTransaction.

                                                                                                type TxAction

                                                                                                type TxAction int32

                                                                                                  TxAction is what is happening to the transaction (mined or inserted into mempool).

                                                                                                  const (
                                                                                                  	TxMined TxAction = 1 << iota

                                                                                                    Valid values for TxAction

                                                                                                    type TxWithBlockData

                                                                                                    type TxWithBlockData struct {
                                                                                                    	Tx          *wire.MsgTx
                                                                                                    	BlockHeight int64
                                                                                                    	BlockHash   string
                                                                                                    	MemPoolTime int64

                                                                                                      TxWithBlockData contains a MsgTx and the block hash and height in which it was mined and Time it entered MemPool.

                                                                                                      func (*TxWithBlockData) Confirmed

                                                                                                      func (t *TxWithBlockData) Confirmed() bool

                                                                                                        Confirmed indicates if the transaction is confirmed (mined).

                                                                                                        func (*TxWithBlockData) Hash

                                                                                                        func (t *TxWithBlockData) Hash() chainhash.Hash

                                                                                                          Hash returns the chainhash.Hash of the transaction.

                                                                                                          type VerboseTransactionGetter

                                                                                                          type VerboseTransactionGetter interface {
                                                                                                          	GetRawTransactionVerbose(txHash *chainhash.Hash) (*dcrjson.TxRawResult, error)

                                                                                                            VerboseTransactionGetter is an interface satisfied by rpcclient.Client, and required by functions that would otherwise require a rpcclient.Client just for GetRawTransactionVerbose.

                                                                                                            type VoteChoice

                                                                                                            type VoteChoice struct {
                                                                                                            	// Single unique word identifying the vote.
                                                                                                            	ID string `json:"id"`
                                                                                                            	// Longer description of what the vote is about.
                                                                                                            	Description string `json:"description"`
                                                                                                            	// Usable bits for this vote.
                                                                                                            	Mask uint16 `json:"mask"`
                                                                                                            	// VoteVersion and VoteIndex specify which vote item is referenced by this
                                                                                                            	// VoteChoice (i.e. chaincfg.Params.Deployments[VoteVersion][VoteIndex]).
                                                                                                            	VoteVersion uint32 `json:"vote_version"`
                                                                                                            	VoteIndex   int    `json:"vote_index"`
                                                                                                            	// ChoiceIdx indicates the corresponding element in the vote item's []Choice
                                                                                                            	ChoiceIdx int `json:"choice_index"`
                                                                                                            	// Choice is the selected choice for the specified vote item
                                                                                                            	Choice *chaincfg.Choice `json:"choice"`

                                                                                                              VoteChoice represents the choice made by a vote transaction on a single vote item in an agenda. The ID, Description, and Mask fields describe the vote item for which the choice is being made. Those are the initial fields in chaincfg.Params.Deployments[VoteVersion][VoteIndex].


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