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func AdjustedSimnetMiner

func AdjustedSimnetMiner(client *rpcclient.Client, nb uint32) ([]*chainhash.Hash, error)

AdjustedSimnetMiner is an alternative miner function that instead of relying on the backing node to mine a block, fetches the work required for the next block and mines the block itself while adjusting the timestamp so that (on simnet) no difficulty increase is trigered. After finding a block, it automatically publishes it to the underlying node.

This is only applicable for tests that run on simnet or other networks that have a target block per count of 1 second.

func NewCustomTestRemoteDcrwallet

func NewCustomTestRemoteDcrwallet(t TB, nodeName, dataDir string,
	hdSeed, privatePass []byte,
	dcrd *rpcclient.ConnConfig) (*grpc.ClientConn, func())

func NewSetupRPCTest

func NewSetupRPCTest(t *testing.T, maxTries int, netParams *chaincfg.Params,
	handlers *rpcclient.NotificationHandlers,
	args []string, setupChain bool, numMatureOutputs uint32) (*rpctest.Harness, error)

NewSetupRPCTest attempts up to maxTries to setup an rpctest harness or errors. This is used to get around the fact the rpctest does not validate listening addresses beforehand and might try to listen on an used address in CI servers.

The returned rpctest is already setup for use.

func NewSyncingTestWallet

func NewSyncingTestWallet(t TB, rpcConfig *rpcclient.ConnConfig) (*wallet.Wallet, func())

func NewTestRemoteDcrwallet

func NewTestRemoteDcrwallet(t TB, dcrd *rpcclient.ConnConfig) (*grpc.ClientConn, func())

NewTestRemoteDcrwallet creates a new dcrwallet process that can be used by a remotedcrwallet instance to perform the interface tests. This currently only supports running the wallet in rpc sync mode.

This function returns the grpc conn and a cleanup function to close the wallet.

func SetPerAccountPassphrase

func SetPerAccountPassphrase(conn *grpc.ClientConn, passphrase []byte) error

SetPerAccountPassphrase calls the SetAccountPassphrase rpc endpoint on the wallet at the given conn, setting it to the specified passphrse.

This function expects a conn returned by NewTestRemoteDcrwallet.


type TB

type TB interface {
	Fatalf(string, ...interface{})
	Errorf(string, ...interface{})
	Failed() bool
	Logf(string, ...interface{})

TB is an interface that fulfills both testing.T and testing.B for their common methods.