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Package manifest provides tools for working with Kubernetes manifests.



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func Files

func Files(chartDir string) ([]string, error)

Files gets a list of all manifest files inside of a chart.

chartDir should contain the path to a chart (the directory which holds a Chart.yaml file).

This returns an error if it can't access the directory.

func IsKeeper

func IsKeeper(data []byte) bool

IsKeeper returns true if a manifest has a "helm-keep": "true" annotation.


type Manifest

type Manifest struct {
	Version, Kind, Name string
	// Filename of source, "" if no file
	Source          string
	VersionedObject *codec.Object

Manifest represents a Kubernetes manifest object.

func Parse

func Parse(filename string) ([]*Manifest, error)

Parse takes a filename, loads the file, and parses it into one or more *Manifest objects.

func ParseDir

func ParseDir(chartDir string) ([]*Manifest, error)

ParseDir parses all of the manifests inside of a chart directory.

The directory should be the Chart directory (contains Chart.yaml and manifests/)

This will return an error if the directory does not exist, or if there is an error parsing or decoding any yaml files.

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