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const (
	// HeaderCompleteResponseValue is the value of the CompleteResponseHeader
	// if the response is complete
	HeaderCompleteResponseValue = "true"
	// HeaderIncompleteResponseValue is the value of the CompleteResponseHeader
	// if the response is not complete
	HeaderIncompleteResponseValue = "false"


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var (
	// CompleteResponseHeaderName is the header to flag incomplete responses to the client
	CompleteResponseHeaderName = "X-KrakenD-Completed"
	// HeadersToSend are the headers to pass from the router request to the proxy
	HeadersToSend = []string{"Content-Type"}
	// UserAgentHeaderValue is the value of the User-Agent header to add to the proxy request
	UserAgentHeaderValue = []string{core.KrakendUserAgent}

	// ErrInternalError is the error returned by the router when something went wrong
	ErrInternalError = errors.New("internal server error")
	// ErrPrivateKey is the error returned by the router when the private key is not defined
	ErrPrivateKey = errors.New("private key not defined")
	// ErrPublicKey is the error returned by the router when the public key is not defined
	ErrPublicKey = errors.New("public key not defined")


func DefaultToHTTPError

func DefaultToHTTPError(_ error) int

DefaultToHTTPError is a ToHTTPError transalator that always returns an internal server error

func InitHTTPDefaultTransport

func InitHTTPDefaultTransport(cfg config.ServiceConfig)

InitHTTPDefaultTransport ensures the default HTTP transport is configured just once per execution

func NewServer

func NewServer(cfg config.ServiceConfig, handler http.Handler) *http.Server

NewServer returns a http.Server ready to serve the injected handler

func ParseTLSConfig

func ParseTLSConfig(cfg *config.TLS) *tls.Config

ParseTLSConfig creates a tls.Config from the TLS section of the service configuration

func RunServer

func RunServer(ctx context.Context, cfg config.ServiceConfig, handler http.Handler) error

RunServer runs a http.Server with the given handler and configuration. It configures the TLS layer if required by the received configuration.


type ToHTTPError

type ToHTTPError func(error) int

ToHTTPError translates an error into a HTTP status code

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