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const ChiDefaultDebugPattern = "/__debug/"

ChiDefaultDebugPattern is the default pattern used to define the debug endpoint


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func DefaultFactory

func DefaultFactory(proxyFactory proxy.Factory, logger logging.Logger) router.Factory

DefaultFactory returns a chi router factory with the injected proxy factory and logger. It also uses a default chi router and the default HandlerFactory

func NewEndpointHandler

func NewEndpointHandler(cfg *config.EndpointConfig, prxy proxy.Proxy) http.HandlerFunc

NewEndpointHandler implements the HandleFactory interface using the default ToHTTPError function

func NewFactory

func NewFactory(cfg Config) router.Factory

NewFactory returns a chi router factory with the injected configuration


type Config

type Config struct {
	Engine         chi.Router
	Middlewares    chi.Middlewares
	HandlerFactory HandlerFactory
	ProxyFactory   proxy.Factory
	Logger         logging.Logger
	DebugPattern   string
	RunServer      RunServerFunc

Config is the struct that collects the parts the router should be builded from

type HandlerFactory

type HandlerFactory func(*config.EndpointConfig, proxy.Proxy) http.HandlerFunc

HandlerFactory creates a handler function that adapts the chi router with the injected proxy

type RunServerFunc

type RunServerFunc func(context.Context, config.ServiceConfig, http.Handler) error

RunServerFunc is a func that will run the http Server with the given params.

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