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Package gin provides some basic implementations for building routers based on gin-gonic/gin



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const NEGOTIATE = "negotiate"

NEGOTIATE defines the value of the OutputEncoding for the negotiated render


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func CustomErrorEndpointHandler

func CustomErrorEndpointHandler(configuration *config.EndpointConfig, prxy proxy.Proxy, errF router.ToHTTPError) gin.HandlerFunc

CustomErrorEndpointHandler implements the HandleFactory interface

func DebugHandler

func DebugHandler(logger logging.Logger) gin.HandlerFunc

DebugHandler creates a dummy handler function, useful for quick integration tests

func DefaultFactory

func DefaultFactory(proxyFactory proxy.Factory, logger logging.Logger) router.Factory

DefaultFactory returns a gin router factory with the injected proxy factory and logger. It also uses a default gin router and the default HandlerFactory

func EndpointHandler

func EndpointHandler(configuration *config.EndpointConfig, proxy proxy.Proxy) gin.HandlerFunc

EndpointHandler implements the HandleFactory interface using the default ToHTTPError function

func NewFactory

func NewFactory(cfg Config) router.Factory

NewFactory returns a gin router factory with the injected configuration

func NewRequest

func NewRequest(headersToSend []string) func(*gin.Context, []string) *proxy.Request

NewRequest gets a request from the current gin context and the received query string

func RegisterRender

func RegisterRender(name string, r Render)

RegisterRender allows clients to register their custom renders


type Config

type Config struct {
	Engine         *gin.Engine
	Middlewares    []gin.HandlerFunc
	HandlerFactory HandlerFactory
	ProxyFactory   proxy.Factory
	Logger         logging.Logger
	RunServer      RunServerFunc

Config is the struct that collects the parts the router should be builded from

type HandlerFactory

type HandlerFactory func(*config.EndpointConfig, proxy.Proxy) gin.HandlerFunc

HandlerFactory creates a handler function that adapts the gin router with the injected proxy

type Render

type Render func(*gin.Context, *proxy.Response)

Render defines the signature of the functions to be use for the final response encoding and rendering

type RunServerFunc

type RunServerFunc func(context.Context, config.ServiceConfig, http.Handler) error

RunServerFunc is a func that will run the http Server with the given params.

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