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var (
	// default home directories for the application CLI.
	DefaultCLIHome = os.ExpandEnv("$HOME/.dncli")

	// DefaultNodeHome sets the folder where the applcation data and configuration will be stored.
	DefaultNodeHome = os.ExpandEnv("$HOME/.dnode")

	ModuleBasics = module.NewBasicManager(


func MakeCodec

func MakeCodec() *codec.Codec

    MakeCodec generates the necessary codecs for Amino.

    func SetHaltHeight

    func SetHaltHeight(blockHeight uint64) func(*BaseApp)

      SetHaltHeight returns a BaseApp option function that sets the halt block height.

      func SetHaltTime

      func SetHaltTime(haltTime uint64) func(*BaseApp)

        SetHaltTime returns a BaseApp option function that sets the halt block time.

        func SetMinGasPrices

        func SetMinGasPrices(gasPricesStr string) func(*BaseApp)

          SetMinGasPrices returns an option that sets the minimum gas prices on the app.

          func SetPruning

          func SetPruning(opts sdk.PruningOptions) func(*BaseApp)

            SetPruning sets a pruning option on the multistore associated with the app


            type BaseApp

            type BaseApp struct {
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              BaseApp reflects the ABCI application implementation.

              func NewBaseApp

              func NewBaseApp(
              	name string, logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, txDecoder sdk.TxDecoder, options ...func(*BaseApp),
              ) *BaseApp

                NewBaseApp returns a reference to an initialized BaseApp. It accepts a variadic number of option functions, which act on the BaseApp to set configuration choices.

                NOTE: The db is used to store the version number for now.

                func (*BaseApp) AppVersion

                func (app *BaseApp) AppVersion() string

                  AppVersion returns the application's version string.

                  func (*BaseApp) BeginBlock

                  func (app *BaseApp) BeginBlock(req abci.RequestBeginBlock) (res abci.ResponseBeginBlock)

                    BeginBlock implements the ABCI application interface.

                    func (*BaseApp) Check

                    func (app *BaseApp) Check(tx sdk.Tx) (result sdk.Result)

                      nolint - Mostly for testing

                      func (*BaseApp) CheckTx

                      func (app *BaseApp) CheckTx(req abci.RequestCheckTx) (res abci.ResponseCheckTx)

                        CheckTx implements the ABCI interface. It runs the "basic checks" to see whether or not a transaction can possibly be executed, first decoding and then the ante handler (which checks signatures/fees/ValidateBasic).

                        NOTE:CheckTx does not run the actual Msg handler function(s).

                        func (*BaseApp) Commit

                        func (app *BaseApp) Commit() (res abci.ResponseCommit)

                          Commit implements the ABCI interface. It will commit all state that exists in the deliver state's multi-store and includes the resulting commit ID in the returned abci.ResponseCommit. Commit will set the check state based on the latest header and reset the deliver state. Also, if a non-zero halt height is defined in config, Commit will execute a deferred function call to check against that height and gracefully halt if it matches the latest committed height.

                          func (*BaseApp) Deliver

                          func (app *BaseApp) Deliver(tx sdk.Tx) (result sdk.Result)


                            func (*BaseApp) DeliverTx

                            func (app *BaseApp) DeliverTx(req abci.RequestDeliverTx) (res abci.ResponseDeliverTx)

                              DeliverTx implements the ABCI interface.

                              func (*BaseApp) EndBlock

                              func (app *BaseApp) EndBlock(req abci.RequestEndBlock) (res abci.ResponseEndBlock)

                                EndBlock implements the ABCI interface.

                                func (*BaseApp) FilterPeerByAddrPort

                                func (app *BaseApp) FilterPeerByAddrPort(info string) abci.ResponseQuery

                                  FilterPeerByAddrPort filters peers by address/port.

                                  func (*BaseApp) FilterPeerByID

                                  func (app *BaseApp) FilterPeerByID(info string) abci.ResponseQuery

                                    FilterPeerByIDfilters peers by node ID.

                                    func (*BaseApp) GetDSContext

                                    func (app *BaseApp) GetDSContext() sdk.Context

                                      Get context for data store (read only).

                                      func (*BaseApp) Info

                                      func (app *BaseApp) Info(req abci.RequestInfo) abci.ResponseInfo

                                        Info implements the ABCI interface.

                                        func (*BaseApp) InitChain

                                        func (app *BaseApp) InitChain(req abci.RequestInitChain) (res abci.ResponseInitChain)

                                          InitChain implements the ABCI interface. It runs the initialization logic directly on the CommitMultiStore.

                                          func (*BaseApp) IsSealed

                                          func (app *BaseApp) IsSealed() bool

                                            IsSealed returns true if the BaseApp is sealed and false otherwise.

                                            func (*BaseApp) LastBlockHeight

                                            func (app *BaseApp) LastBlockHeight() int64

                                              LastBlockHeight returns the last committed block height.

                                              func (*BaseApp) LastCommitID

                                              func (app *BaseApp) LastCommitID() sdk.CommitID

                                                LastCommitID returns the last CommitID of the multistore.

                                                func (*BaseApp) LoadLatestVersion

                                                func (app *BaseApp) LoadLatestVersion(baseKey *sdk.KVStoreKey) error

                                                  LoadLatestVersion loads the latest application version. It will panic if called more than once on a running BaseApp.

                                                  func (*BaseApp) LoadVersion

                                                  func (app *BaseApp) LoadVersion(version int64, baseKey *sdk.KVStoreKey) error

                                                    LoadVersion loads the BaseApp application version. It will panic if called more than once on a running baseapp.

                                                    func (*BaseApp) Logger

                                                    func (app *BaseApp) Logger() log.Logger

                                                      Logger returns the logger of the BaseApp.

                                                      func (*BaseApp) MountKVStores

                                                      func (app *BaseApp) MountKVStores(keys map[string]*sdk.KVStoreKey)

                                                        MountStores mounts all IAVL or DB stores to the provided keys in the BaseApp multistore.

                                                        func (*BaseApp) MountStore

                                                        func (app *BaseApp) MountStore(key sdk.StoreKey, typ sdk.StoreType)

                                                          MountStore mounts a store to the provided key in the BaseApp multistore, using the default DB.

                                                          func (*BaseApp) MountStoreWithDB

                                                          func (app *BaseApp) MountStoreWithDB(key sdk.StoreKey, typ sdk.StoreType, db dbm.DB)

                                                            MountStoreWithDB mounts a store to the provided key in the BaseApp multistore, using a specified DB.

                                                            func (*BaseApp) MountStores

                                                            func (app *BaseApp) MountStores(keys ...sdk.StoreKey)

                                                              MountStores mounts all IAVL or DB stores to the provided keys in the BaseApp multistore.

                                                              func (*BaseApp) MountTransientStores

                                                              func (app *BaseApp) MountTransientStores(keys map[string]*sdk.TransientStoreKey)

                                                                MountStores mounts all IAVL or DB stores to the provided keys in the BaseApp multistore.

                                                                func (*BaseApp) Name

                                                                func (app *BaseApp) Name() string

                                                                  Name returns the name of the BaseApp.

                                                                  func (*BaseApp) NewContext

                                                                  func (app *BaseApp) NewContext(isCheckTx bool, header abci.Header) sdk.Context

                                                                    Context with current {check, deliver}State of the app used by tests

                                                                    func (*BaseApp) Query

                                                                    func (app *BaseApp) Query(req abci.RequestQuery) (res abci.ResponseQuery)

                                                                      Query implements the ABCI interface. It delegates to CommitMultiStore if it implements Queryable.

                                                                      func (*BaseApp) QueryRouter

                                                                      func (app *BaseApp) QueryRouter() sdk.QueryRouter

                                                                        QueryRouter returns the QueryRouter of a BaseApp.

                                                                        func (*BaseApp) Router

                                                                        func (app *BaseApp) Router() sdk.Router

                                                                          Router returns the router of the BaseApp.

                                                                          func (*BaseApp) Seal

                                                                          func (app *BaseApp) Seal()

                                                                            Seal seals a BaseApp. It prohibits any further modifications to a BaseApp.

                                                                            func (*BaseApp) SetAddrPeerFilter

                                                                            func (app *BaseApp) SetAddrPeerFilter(pf sdk.PeerFilter)

                                                                            func (*BaseApp) SetAnteHandler

                                                                            func (app *BaseApp) SetAnteHandler(ah sdk.AnteHandler)

                                                                            func (*BaseApp) SetAppVersion

                                                                            func (app *BaseApp) SetAppVersion(v string)

                                                                              SetAppVersion sets the application's version string.

                                                                              func (*BaseApp) SetBeginBlocker

                                                                              func (app *BaseApp) SetBeginBlocker(beginBlocker sdk.BeginBlocker)

                                                                              func (*BaseApp) SetCMS

                                                                              func (app *BaseApp) SetCMS(cms store.CommitMultiStore)

                                                                              func (*BaseApp) SetCommitMultiStoreTracer

                                                                              func (app *BaseApp) SetCommitMultiStoreTracer(w io.Writer)

                                                                                SetCommitMultiStoreTracer sets the store tracer on the BaseApp's underlying CommitMultiStore.

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetDB

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetDB(db dbm.DB)

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetEndBlocker

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetEndBlocker(endBlocker sdk.EndBlocker)

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetFauxMerkleMode

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetFauxMerkleMode()

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetIDPeerFilter

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetIDPeerFilter(pf sdk.PeerFilter)

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetInitChainer

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetInitChainer(initChainer sdk.InitChainer)

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetName

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetName(name string)

                                                                                func (*BaseApp) SetOption

                                                                                func (app *BaseApp) SetOption(req abci.RequestSetOption) (res abci.ResponseSetOption)

                                                                                  SetOption implements the ABCI interface.

                                                                                  func (*BaseApp) Simulate

                                                                                  func (app *BaseApp) Simulate(txBytes []byte, tx sdk.Tx) (result sdk.Result)

                                                                                    nolint - full tx execution

                                                                                    type DnServiceApp

                                                                                    type DnServiceApp struct {
                                                                                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                                      DN Service App implements DN mains logic.

                                                                                      func NewDnServiceApp

                                                                                      func NewDnServiceApp(logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, config *config.VMConfig, baseAppOptions ...func(*BaseApp)) *DnServiceApp

                                                                                        NewDnServiceApp is a constructor function for dfinance blockchain.

                                                                                        func (*DnServiceApp) BeginBlocker

                                                                                          Initialize begin blocker function.

                                                                                          func (DnServiceApp) CloseConnections

                                                                                          func (app DnServiceApp) CloseConnections()

                                                                                            Close VM connection and DS server stops.

                                                                                            func (*DnServiceApp) EndBlocker

                                                                                            func (app *DnServiceApp) EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestEndBlock) abci.ResponseEndBlock

                                                                                              Initialize end blocker function.

                                                                                              func (*DnServiceApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators

                                                                                              func (app *DnServiceApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators(forZeroHeight bool, jailWhiteList []string,
                                                                                              ) (appState json.RawMessage, validators []tmtypes.GenesisValidator, err error)

                                                                                                Exports genesis and validators.

                                                                                                func (*DnServiceApp) InitChainer

                                                                                                func (app *DnServiceApp) InitChainer(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestInitChain) abci.ResponseInitChain

                                                                                                  Initialize chain function (initializing genesis data).

                                                                                                  func (*DnServiceApp) InitializeVMConnection

                                                                                                  func (app *DnServiceApp) InitializeVMConnection(addr string)

                                                                                                    Initialize connection to VM server.

                                                                                                    func (*DnServiceApp) InitializeVMDataServer

                                                                                                    func (app *DnServiceApp) InitializeVMDataServer(addr string)

                                                                                                      Initialize listener to listen for connections from VM for data server.

                                                                                                      func (*DnServiceApp) LoadHeight

                                                                                                      func (app *DnServiceApp) LoadHeight(height int64) error

                                                                                                        Load app with specific height.

                                                                                                        func (*DnServiceApp) ModuleAccountAddrs

                                                                                                        func (app *DnServiceApp) ModuleAccountAddrs() map[string]bool

                                                                                                          ModuleAccountAddrs returns all the app's module account addresses.

                                                                                                          type GenesisState

                                                                                                          type GenesisState map[string]json.RawMessage