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DemoIt is a tool that helps you create beautiful live-coding demonstrations.


I'm doing lots of live-coding during conferences and I like tools like reveal.js to create slides. What I wanted was a tool that has some of the properties of reveal.js but with capabilities to code and run commands in front of the audience.

Two things are really important to me:

  • For a given presentation, the slides should live in the same repository as the code.
  • The tool should allow context-switching-less live coding demos. Attendees don't want to watch me switching between a browser, an IDE and a terminal all the time.

This is how I came up with DemoIt.


DemoIt is a small command line tool written in Go. It serves rich web content composed of text, images and smart web components.

Those web components make most of the magic.

  • One component displays multi-tab ttys that can be used to run any command.
  • Another is a web browser view that auto refreses itself.
  • Another is a code viewer with highlighing and tabs that look like a real IDE,

How do I use Demoit?

Documentation is really sparse right now. The best one can do is install the tool using the following instructions and learn from the sample.

Basically, the idea is to:

  • Add a demoit.html at the root of the project. This file contains all the html slides separated with ---.
  • Add images, fonts and scripts in a .demoit folder at the root of the project.
  • Customize the style sheet in .demoit/style.css.
  • sample/demoit.html demonstrates how to use the web components.

See Run Demo for setting up and running a demo to get started with your first presentation.


Install with Go 1.18+
go install

Make sure $HOME/go/bin/ directory is in your $PATH.

Build from sources
git clone
cd demoit
go install

This requires Go 1.18 or later.

Add shell font

To have a correct display in the web terminal, you have to install the font Inconsolata for Powerline on your computer. This font can be found here.

Run Demo

cd $HOME; mkdir my_demoit_presentations; cd $HOME/my_demoit_presentations
cp -r $HOME/go/src/ .
demoit sample

Then, browse to http://localhost:8888

Pro tip: Run demoit -dev sample instead and enjoy live reload each time you change the content of the slides.


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