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const (
	Collection = "alertrecord"


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var (
	TaskFailedId           = "task_failed"
	FirstVersionFailureId  = "first_version_failure"
	FirstVariantFailureId  = "first_variant_failure"
	FirstTaskTypeFailureId = "first_tasktype_failure"
	TaskFailTransitionId   = "task_transition_failure"
	LastRevisionNotFound   = "last_revision_not_found"

Task triggers

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var (
	SpawnFailed                = "spawn_failed"
	SpawnHostTwoHourWarning    = "spawn_twohour"
	SpawnHostTwelveHourWarning = "spawn_twelvehour"
	SlowProvisionWarning       = "slow_provision"
	ProvisionFailed            = "provision_failed"

Host triggers

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var (
	IdKey                  = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "Id")
	TypeKey                = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "Type")
	TaskIdKey              = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "TaskId")
	HostIdKey              = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "HostId")
	TaskNameKey            = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "TaskName")
	VariantKey             = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "Variant")
	ProjectIdKey           = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "ProjectId")
	VersionIdKey           = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "VersionId")
	RevisionOrderNumberKey = bsonutil.MustHaveTag(AlertRecord{}, "RevisionOrderNumber")


func ByFirstFailureInTaskType

func ByFirstFailureInTaskType(versionId, taskName string) db.Q

func ByFirstFailureInVariant

func ByFirstFailureInVariant(versionId, variant string) db.Q

func ByFirstFailureInVersion

func ByFirstFailureInVersion(projectId, versionId string) db.Q

func ByHostAlertRecordType

func ByHostAlertRecordType(hostId, triggerId string) db.Q

func ByLastFailureTransition

func ByLastFailureTransition(taskName, variant, projectId string) db.Q

ByPreviousFailureTransition finds the last alert record that was stored for a task/variant within a given project. This can be used to determine whether or not a newly detected failure transition should trigger an alert. If an alert was already sent for a failed task, which transitioned from a succsesfulwhose commit order number is

func ByLastRevNotFound

func ByLastRevNotFound(projectId, versionId string) db.Q


type AlertRecord

type AlertRecord struct {
	Id                  bson.ObjectId `bson:"_id"`
	Type                string        `bson:"type"`
	HostId              string        `bson:"host_id,omitempty"`
	TaskId              string        `bson:"task_id,omitempty"`
	ProjectId           string        `bson:"project_id,omitempty"`
	VersionId           string        `bson:"version_id,omitempty"`
	TaskName            string        `bson:"task_name,omitempty"`
	Variant             string        `bson:"variant,omitempty"`
	RevisionOrderNumber int           `bson:"order,omitempty"`

func FindOne

func FindOne(query db.Q) (*AlertRecord, error)

FindOne gets one AlertRecord for the given query.

func (*AlertRecord) Insert

func (ar *AlertRecord) Insert() error

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