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Published: Jan 30, 2019 | License: BSD-2-Clause | Module:



var FunctionMD = Metadata{
	RewriteFunctions:    make(map[string]interfaces.RewriteFunction),
	Functions:           make(map[string]interfaces.Function),
	Descriptions:        make(map[string]types.FunctionDescription),
	DescriptionsGrouped: make(map[string]map[string]types.FunctionDescription),
	FunctionConfigFiles: make(map[string]string),

FunctionMD is actual global variable that stores metadata

func GetEvaluator

func GetEvaluator() interfaces.Evaluator

GetEvaluator returns evaluator

func RegisterFunction

func RegisterFunction(name string, function interfaces.Function)

RegisterFunction registers function in metadata and fills out all Description structs

func RegisterRewriteFunction

func RegisterRewriteFunction(name string, function interfaces.RewriteFunction)

RegisterRewriteFunction registers function for a rewrite phase in metadata and fills out all Description structs

func SetEvaluator

func SetEvaluator(evaluator interfaces.Evaluator)

SetEvaluator sets new evaluator function to be default for everything that needs it

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {

	Functions           map[string]interfaces.Function
	RewriteFunctions    map[string]interfaces.RewriteFunction
	Descriptions        map[string]types.FunctionDescription
	DescriptionsGrouped map[string]map[string]types.FunctionDescription
	FunctionConfigFiles map[string]string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Metadata is a type to store global function metadata

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