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Published: Dec 11, 2019 | License: BSD-2-Clause | Module:


func New

func New(logger *zap.Logger, config types.BackendV2) (types.ServerClient, *errors.Errors)

func NewWithLimiter

func NewWithLimiter(logger *zap.Logger, config types.BackendV2, limiter *limiter.ServerLimiter) (types.ServerClient, *errors.Errors)

type AutoGroup

type AutoGroup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RoundRobin is used to connect to backends inside clientGroups, implements ServerClient interface

func (AutoGroup) Backends

func (c AutoGroup) Backends() []string

func (*AutoGroup) Fetch

func (c *AutoGroup) Fetch(ctx context.Context, request *protov3.MultiFetchRequest) (*protov3.MultiFetchResponse, *types.Stats, *errors.Errors)

func (*AutoGroup) Find

func (c *AutoGroup) Find(ctx context.Context, request *protov3.MultiGlobRequest) (*protov3.MultiGlobResponse, *types.Stats, *errors.Errors)

func (*AutoGroup) List

func (c *AutoGroup) List(ctx context.Context) (*protov3.ListMetricsResponse, *types.Stats, *errors.Errors)

func (AutoGroup) MaxMetricsPerRequest

func (c AutoGroup) MaxMetricsPerRequest() int

func (AutoGroup) Name

func (c AutoGroup) Name() string

func (*AutoGroup) ProbeTLDs

func (c *AutoGroup) ProbeTLDs(ctx context.Context) ([]string, *errors.Errors)

func (*AutoGroup) Stats

func (c *AutoGroup) Stats(ctx context.Context) (*protov3.MetricDetailsResponse, *types.Stats, *errors.Errors)

type CapabilityResponse

type CapabilityResponse struct {
	ProtoToServers map[string][]string

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