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type DeploymentConfig

type DeploymentConfig struct {
	ContainingDir  string           `json:"-"`
	DeploymentUUID string           `json:"-"`
	VMCID          string           `json:"-"`
	Stemcells      []StemcellRecord `json:"-"`

func (DeploymentConfig) BlobstorePath

func (c DeploymentConfig) BlobstorePath() string

func (DeploymentConfig) CompiledPackagedIndexPath

func (c DeploymentConfig) CompiledPackagedIndexPath() string

func (DeploymentConfig) JobsPath

func (c DeploymentConfig) JobsPath() string

func (DeploymentConfig) PackagesPath

func (c DeploymentConfig) PackagesPath() string

func (DeploymentConfig) TemplatesIndexPath

func (c DeploymentConfig) TemplatesIndexPath() string

type DeploymentConfigService

type DeploymentConfigService interface {
	Load() (DeploymentConfig, error)
	Save(DeploymentConfig) error

func NewFileSystemDeploymentConfigService

func NewFileSystemDeploymentConfigService(configPath string, fs boshsys.FileSystem, logger boshlog.Logger) DeploymentConfigService

type DeploymentFile

type DeploymentFile struct {
	UUID      string           `json:"uuid"`
	Stemcells []StemcellRecord `json:"stemcells"`
	VMCID     string           `json:"vm_cid"`

type StemcellRecord

type StemcellRecord struct {
	Name    string `json:"name"`
	Version string `json:"version"`
	SHA1    string `json:"sha1"`
	CID     string `json:"cid"`

type UserConfig

type UserConfig struct {
	DeploymentFile string `json:"deployment"`

func (UserConfig) DeploymentConfigFilePath

func (c UserConfig) DeploymentConfigFilePath() string

type UserConfigService

type UserConfigService interface {
	Load() (UserConfig, error)
	Save(UserConfig) error

func NewFileSystemUserConfigService

func NewFileSystemUserConfigService(configPath string, fs boshsys.FileSystem, logger boshlog.Logger) UserConfigService

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