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func NewCmdMountsSearcher

func NewCmdMountsSearcher(runner boshsys.CmdRunner) cmdMountsSearcher

func NewDiskUtil

func NewDiskUtil(diskPath string, mounter Mounter, fs boshsys.FileSystem, logger boshlog.Logger) boshdevutil.DeviceUtil

func NewLinuxBindMounter

func NewLinuxBindMounter(delegateMounter Mounter) linuxBindMounter

func NewLinuxFormatter

func NewLinuxFormatter(runner boshsys.CmdRunner, fs boshsys.FileSystem) (formatter linuxFormatter)

func NewLinuxMounter

func NewLinuxMounter(
	runner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	mountsSearcher MountsSearcher,
	unmountRetrySleep time.Duration,
) (mounter linuxMounter)

func NewProcMountsSearcher

func NewProcMountsSearcher(fs boshsys.FileSystem) procMountsSearcher

func NewRootDevicePartitioner

func NewRootDevicePartitioner(logger boshlog.Logger, cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner, deltaInBytes uint64) rootDevicePartitioner

func NewSfdiskPartitioner

func NewSfdiskPartitioner(logger boshlog.Logger, cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner) (partitioner sfdiskPartitioner)


type FileSystemType

type FileSystemType string
const (
	FileSystemSwap FileSystemType = "swap"
	FileSystemExt4 FileSystemType = "ext4"

type Formatter

type Formatter interface {
	Format(partitionPath string, fsType FileSystemType) (err error)

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	GetPartitioner() Partitioner
	GetRootDevicePartitioner() Partitioner
	GetFormatter() Formatter
	GetMounter() Mounter
	GetMountsSearcher() MountsSearcher
	GetDiskUtil(diskPath string) boshdevutil.DeviceUtil

func NewLinuxDiskManager

func NewLinuxDiskManager(
	logger boshlog.Logger,
	runner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
	bindMount bool,
) (manager Manager)

type Mount

type Mount struct {
	PartitionPath string
	MountPoint    string

type Mounter

type Mounter interface {
	Mount(partitionPath, mountPoint string, mountOptions ...string) (err error)
	Unmount(partitionOrMountPoint string) (didUnmount bool, err error)

	RemountAsReadonly(mountPoint string) (err error)
	Remount(fromMountPoint, toMountPoint string, mountOptions ...string) (err error)

	SwapOn(partitionPath string) (err error)

	IsMountPoint(path string) (result bool, err error)
	IsMounted(devicePathOrMountPoint string) (result bool, err error)

type MountsSearcher

type MountsSearcher interface {
	SearchMounts() ([]Mount, error)

type Partition

type Partition struct {
	SizeInBytes uint64
	Type        PartitionType

func (Partition) String

func (p Partition) String() string

type PartitionType

type PartitionType string
const (
	PartitionTypeSwap  PartitionType = "swap"
	PartitionTypeLinux PartitionType = "linux"
	PartitionTypeEmpty PartitionType = "empty"

type Partitioner

type Partitioner interface {
	Partition(devicePath string, partitions []Partition) (err error)
	GetDeviceSizeInBytes(devicePath string) (size uint64, err error)


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