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type BasicLandSet

type BasicLandSet struct {
	InventoryDelta struct {
		CardsAdded         []int    `json:"cardsAdded"`
		BoosterDelta       []string `json:"boosterDelta"`
		DecksAdded         []string `json:"decksAdded"`
		VoucherItemsDelta  []string `json:"voucherItemsDelta"`
		WcCommonDelta      int      `json:"wcCommonDelta"`
		WcUncommonDelta    int      `json:"wcUncommonDelta"`
		WcRareDelta        int      `json:"wcRareDelta"`
		WcMythicDelta      int      `json:"wcMythicDelta"`
		GoldDelta          int      `json:"goldDelta"`
		GemsDelta          int      `json:"gemsDelta"`
		EarnedGemsDelta    int      `json:"earnedGemsDelta"`
		DraftTokensDelta   int      `json:"draftTokensDelta"`
		SealedTokensDelta  int      `json:"sealedTokensDelta"`
		WcTrackPosition    int      `json:"wcTrackPosition"`
		VaultProgressDelta int      `json:"vaultProgressDelta"`
		NewNValCommon      int      `json:"newNValCommon"`
		NewNValUncommon    int      `json:"newNValUncommon"`
		NewNValRare        int      `json:"newNValRare"`
		NewNValMythic      int      `json:"newNValMythic"`
		VanityItemsAdded   []string `json:"vanityItemsAdded"`
		VanityItemsRemoved []string `json:"vanityItemsRemoved"`
		ArtSkinsAdded      []string `json:"artSkinsAdded"`
		BasicLandSet       string   `json:"basicLandSet"`
		InvEtag            string   `json:"invEtag"`
		CardEtag           string   `json:"cardEtag"`
		CosmeticEtag       string   `json:"cosmetic_etag"`
	} `json:"inventoryDelta"`
	CardOpenEvents []struct {
		GrpId       int    `json:"grpId"`
		GoldAwarded int    `json:"goldAwarded"`
		GemsAwarded int    `json:"gemsAwarded"`
		Set         string `json:"set"`
	} `json:"cardOpenEvents"`
	HasProgressionRewards bool `json:"hasProgressionReward"`
	XpGained              int  `json:"xpGained"`

type CatalogStatus

type CatalogStatus struct {
	CatalogsEnabled  bool   `json:"CatalogsEnabled"`
	CardSkinsEnabled bool   `json:"CardSkinsEnabled"`
	AvatarsEnabled   bool   `json:"AvatarsEnabled"`
	CardBacksEnabled bool   `json:"CardBacksEnabled"`
	CatalogHash      string `json:"CatalogHash"`

type CrackedBooster

type CrackedBooster struct {
	CardsOpened []struct {
		GrpId       int    `json:"grpId"`
		GoldAwarded int    `json:"goldAwarded"`
		GemsAwarded int    `json:"gemsAwarded"`
		Set         string `json:"set"`
	} `json:"cardsOpened"`
	TotalVaultProgress     float64 `json:"totalVaultProgress"`
	WildCardTrackMoves     int     `json:"wildCardTrackMoves"`
	WildCardTrackPosition  int     `json:"wildCardTrackPosition"`
	WildCardTrackCommons   int     `json:"wildCardTrackCommons"`
	WildCardTrackUnCommons int     `json:"wildCardTrackUnCommons"`
	WildCardTrackRares     int     `json:"wildCardTrackRares"`
	WildCardTrackMythics   int     `json:"wildCardTrackMythics"`

type Format

type Format struct {
	Name                 string   `json:"name"`
	Sets                 []string `json:"sets"`
	BannedCards          []string `json:"bannedCards"`
	CardCountRestriction string   `json:"cardCountRestriction"`

type Mod

type Mod struct {
	Type  string `json:"type"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

type PlayerArtSkins

type PlayerArtSkins map[string]string

type PlayerCards

type PlayerCards map[string]int

type PlayerInventory

type PlayerInventory struct {
	PlayerId             string  `json:"playerId"`
	CommonWildcards      int     `json:"wcCommon"`
	UncommonWildcards    int     `json:"wcUncommon"`
	RareWildcards        int     `json:"wcRare"`
	MythicWildcards      int     `json:"wcMythic"`
	Gold                 int     `json:"gold"`
	Gems                 int     `json:"gems"`
	DraftTokens          int     `json:"draftTokens"`
	SealedTokens         int     `json:"sealedTokens"`
	WildcardTackPosition int     `json:"wcTrackPosition"`
	VaultProgress        float64 `json:"vaultProgress"`
	Boosters             string  `json:"boosters"`
	VanityItems          struct {
		Pets []struct {
			Name string `json:"name"`
			Mods []Mod  `json:"mods"`
		} `json:"pets"`
		Avatars []struct {
			Name string   `json:"name"`
			Mods []string `json:"mods"`
		} `json:"avatars"`
		CardBacks []struct {
			Name string   `json:"name"`
			Mods []string `json:"mods"`
		} `json:"cardBacks"`
	} `json:"vanityItems"`
	Vouchers         string `json:"vouchers"`
	VanitySelections struct {
		AvatarSelection   string   `json:"avatarSelection"`
		CardBackSelection string   `json:"cardBackSelection"`
		PetSelection      string   `json:"petSelection"`
		PetModSelections  []string `json:"petModSelections"`
	} `json:"vanitySelections"`

type Product

type Product struct {
	Ccv         string `json:"ccv"`
	Id          string `json:"id"`
	Currency    string `json:"currency"`
	Amount      int    `json:"amount"`
	Purchasable bool   `json:"purchasable"`
	Free        bool   `json:"free"`

type ProductCatalog

type ProductCatalog map[string][]Product

type Reward

type Reward struct {
	Wins             int                  `json:"wins"`
	AwardDescription incoming.Description `json:"awardDescription"`

type RewardSchedule

type RewardSchedule struct {
	DailyReset    string   `json:"dailyReset"`
	WeeklyReset   string   `json:"weeklyReset"`
	DailyRewards  []Reward `json:"dailyRewards"`
	WeeklyRewards []Reward `json:"weeklyRewards"`

type SequenceData

type SequenceData struct {
	PlayerId          string `json:"playerId"`
	DailySequence     int    `json:"dailySequence"`
	WeeklySequence    int    `json:"weeklySequence"`
	DailyLastAwarded  string `json:"dailyLastAwarded"`
	WeeklyLastAwarded string `json:"weeklyLastAwarded"`

type WildCardBulk

type WildCardBulk struct {
	IsValid          bool     `json:"isValid"`
	ValidationErrors []string `json:"validationErrors"`

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