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Openldap Input Plugin

This plugin gathers metrics from OpenLDAP's cn=Monitor backend.


To use this plugin you must enable the monitoring backend.

  host = "localhost"
  port = 389

  # ldaps, starttls, or no encryption. default is an empty string, disabling all encryption.
  # note that port will likely need to be changed to 636 for ldaps
  # valid options: "" | "starttls" | "ldaps"
  ssl = ""

  # skip peer certificate verification. Default is false.
  insecure_skip_verify = false

  # Path to PEM-encoded Root certificate to use to verify server certificate
  ssl_ca = "/etc/ssl/certs.pem"

  # dn/password to bind with. If bind_dn is empty, an anonymous bind is performed.
  bind_dn = ""
  bind_password = ""
  # reverse metric names so they sort more naturally
  # Defaults to false if unset, but is set to true when generating a new config
  reverse_metric_names = true
Measurements & Fields:

All monitorCounter, monitoredInfo, monitorOpInitiated, and monitorOpCompleted attributes are gathered based on this LDAP query:


Metric names are based on their entry DN with the cn=Monitor base removed. If reverse_metric_names is not set, metrics are based on their DN. If reverse_metric_names is set to true, the names are reversed. This is recommended as it allows the names to sort more naturally.

Metrics for the monitorOp* attributes have **_initiated** and **_completed** added to the base name as appropriate.

An OpenLDAP 2.4 server will provide these metrics:

  • openldap
    • connections_current
    • connections_max_file_descriptors
    • connections_total
    • operations_abandon_completed
    • operations_abandon_initiated
    • operations_add_completed
    • operations_add_initiated
    • operations_bind_completed
    • operations_bind_initiated
    • operations_compare_completed
    • operations_compare_initiated
    • operations_delete_completed
    • operations_delete_initiated
    • operations_extended_completed
    • operations_extended_initiated
    • operations_modify_completed
    • operations_modify_initiated
    • operations_modrdn_completed
    • operations_modrdn_initiated
    • operations_search_completed
    • operations_search_initiated
    • operations_unbind_completed
    • operations_unbind_initiated
    • statistics_bytes
    • statistics_entries
    • statistics_pdu
    • statistics_referrals
    • threads_active
    • threads_backload
    • threads_max
    • threads_max_pending
    • threads_open
    • threads_pending
    • threads_starting
    • time_uptime
    • waiters_read
    • waiters_write
  • server= # value from config
  • port= # value from config
Example Output:
$ telegraf -config tinymonitor.conf -input-filter openldap -test --debug
* Plugin: inputs.openldap, Collection 1
> openldap,server=localhost,port=389, operations_bind_initiated=10i,operations_unbind_initiated=6i,operations_modrdn_completed=0i,operations_delete_initiated=0i,operations_add_completed=2i,operations_delete_completed=0i,operations_abandon_completed=0i,statistics_entries=1516i,threads_open=2i,threads_active=1i,waiters_read=1i,operations_modify_completed=0i,operations_extended_initiated=4i,threads_pending=0i,operations_search_initiated=36i,operations_compare_initiated=0i,connections_max_file_descriptors=4096i,operations_modify_initiated=0i,operations_modrdn_initiated=0i,threads_max=16i,time_uptime=6017i,connections_total=1037i,connections_current=1i,operations_add_initiated=2i,statistics_bytes=162071i,operations_unbind_completed=6i,operations_abandon_initiated=0i,statistics_pdu=1566i,threads_max_pending=0i,threads_backload=1i,waiters_write=0i,operations_bind_completed=10i,operations_search_completed=35i,operations_compare_completed=0i,operations_extended_completed=4i,statistics_referrals=0i,threads_starting=0i 1516912070000000000




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type Openldap

type Openldap struct {
	Host               string
	Port               int
	Ssl                string
	InsecureSkipVerify bool
	SslCa              string
	BindDn             string
	BindPassword       string
	ReverseMetricNames bool

func NewOpenldap

func NewOpenldap() *Openldap

return an initialized Openldap

func (*Openldap) Description

func (o *Openldap) Description() string

func (*Openldap) Gather

func (o *Openldap) Gather(acc tinymonitor.Accumulator) error

gather metrics

func (*Openldap) SampleConfig

func (o *Openldap) SampleConfig() string

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