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Librato Output Plugin

This plugin writes to the Librato Metrics API and requires an api_user and api_token which can be obtained here for the account.

The source_tag option in the Configuration file is used to send contextual information from Point Tags to the API.

If the point value being sent cannot be converted to a float64, the metric is skipped.

Currently, the plugin does not send any associated Point Tags.




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type Gauge

type Gauge struct {
	Name        string  `json:"name"`
	Value       float64 `json:"value"`
	Source      string  `json:"source"`
	MeasureTime int64   `json:"measure_time"`

Gauge is the gauge format for Librato's API fromat

type LMetrics

type LMetrics struct {
	Gauges []*Gauge `json:"gauges"`

LMetrics is the default struct for Librato's API fromat

type Librato

type Librato struct {
	APIUser   string `toml:"api_user"`
	APIToken  string `toml:"api_token"`
	Debug     bool
	SourceTag string // Deprecated, keeping for backward-compatibility
	Timeout   itscripts.Duration
	Template  string

	APIUrl string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Librato structure for configuration and client

func NewLibrato

func NewLibrato(apiURL string) *Librato

NewLibrato is the main constructor for librato output plugins

func (*Librato) Close

func (l *Librato) Close() error

Close is used to close the connection to librato Output

func (*Librato) Connect

func (l *Librato) Connect() error

Connect is the default output plugin connection function who make sure it can connect to the endpoint

func (*Librato) Description

func (l *Librato) Description() string

Description is function who return the Description of this output

func (*Librato) SampleConfig

func (l *Librato) SampleConfig() string

SampleConfig is function who return the default configuration for this output

func (*Librato) Write

func (l *Librato) Write(metrics []tinymonitor.Metric) error

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