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var (
	TimeoutErr = errors.New("Command timed out.")

	NotImplementedError = errors.New("not implemented yet")


func CombinedOutputTimeout

func CombinedOutputTimeout(c *exec.Cmd, timeout time.Duration) ([]byte, error)

CombinedOutputTimeout runs the given command with the given timeout and returns the combined output of stdout and stderr. If the command times out, it attempts to kill the process.

func GetTLSConfig

func GetTLSConfig(
	SSLCert, SSLKey, SSLCA string,
	InsecureSkipVerify bool,
) (*tls.Config, error)

GetTLSConfig gets a tls.Config object from the given certs, key, and CA files. you must give the full path to the files. If all files are blank and InsecureSkipVerify=false, returns a nil pointer.

func RandomSleep

func RandomSleep(max time.Duration, shutdown chan struct{})

RandomSleep will sleep for a random amount of time up to max. If the shutdown channel is closed, it will return before it has finished sleeping.

func RandomString

func RandomString(n int) string

RandomString returns a random string of alpha-numeric characters

func ReadLines

func ReadLines(filename string) ([]string, error)

ReadLines reads contents from a file and splits them by new lines. A convenience wrapper to ReadLinesOffsetN(filename, 0, -1).

func ReadLinesOffsetN

func ReadLinesOffsetN(filename string, offset uint, n int) ([]string, error)

ReadLines reads contents from file and splits them by new line. The offset tells at which line number to start. The count determines the number of lines to read (starting from offset):

n >= 0: at most n lines
n < 0: whole file

func RunTimeout

func RunTimeout(c *exec.Cmd, timeout time.Duration) error

RunTimeout runs the given command with the given timeout. If the command times out, it attempts to kill the process.

func SnakeCase

func SnakeCase(in string) string

SnakeCase converts the given string to snake case following the Golang format: acronyms are converted to lower-case and preceded by an underscore.

func WaitTimeout

func WaitTimeout(c *exec.Cmd, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitTimeout waits for the given command to finish with a timeout. It assumes the command has already been started. If the command times out, it attempts to kill the process.


type Duration

type Duration struct {
	Duration time.Duration

Duration just wraps time.Duration

func (*Duration) UnmarshalTOML

func (d *Duration) UnmarshalTOML(b []byte) error

UnmarshalTOML parses the duration from the TOML config file

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