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func Cnk

func Cnk(n, k int64) big.Int

Cnk big.Int

func CnkStr

func CnkStr(n, k int64) string

CnkStr string

func CnkUint

func CnkUint(n, k int64) uint64

CnkUint uint64

func Factorial

func Factorial(n int64) *big.Int

Factorial *big.Int

func FactorialInt

func FactorialInt(n int64) int64

FactorialInt int64

func FactorialString

func FactorialString(n int64) string

FactorialString string

func FactorialTree

func FactorialTree(n int64) *big.Int

FactorialTree *big.Int

func FactorialTreeString

func FactorialTreeString(n int64) string

FactorialTreeString string

func PermutationStr

func PermutationStr(n int64) string

PermutationStr string

func Permutations

func Permutations(n int64) big.Int

Permutations big.Int

func PermutationsInt

func PermutationsInt(n int64) int64

PermutationsInt int64

func Placement

func Placement(n, k int64) *big.Int

Placement big.Int

func PlacementInt

func PlacementInt(n, k int64) int64

PlacementInt int64

func PlacementStr

func PlacementStr(n, k int64) string

PlacementStr string


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