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const DeleteCache = "CacheStorage.deleteCache"

Deletes a cache.

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const DeleteEntry = "CacheStorage.deleteEntry"

Deletes a cache entry.

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const RequestCacheNames = "CacheStorage.requestCacheNames"

Requests cache names.

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const RequestCachedResponse = "CacheStorage.requestCachedResponse"

Fetches cache entry.

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const RequestEntries = "CacheStorage.requestEntries"

Requests data from cache.


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type Cache

type Cache struct {

	// An opaque unique id of the cache.
	CacheId CacheId `json:"cacheId"`

	// Security origin of the cache.
	SecurityOrigin string `json:"securityOrigin"`

	// The name of the cache.
	CacheName string `json:"cacheName"`

Cache identifier.

type CacheId

type CacheId string

Unique identifier of the Cache object.

type CachedResponse

type CachedResponse struct {

	// Entry content, base64-encoded.
	Body []byte `json:"body"`

Cached response

type CachedResponseType

type CachedResponseType string

type of HTTP response cached

type DataEntry

type DataEntry struct {

	// Request URL.
	RequestURL string `json:"requestURL"`

	// Request method.
	RequestMethod string `json:"requestMethod"`

	// Request headers
	RequestHeaders []*Header `json:"requestHeaders"`

	// Number of seconds since epoch.
	ResponseTime float64 `json:"responseTime"`

	// HTTP response status code.
	ResponseStatus int `json:"responseStatus"`

	// HTTP response status text.
	ResponseStatusText string `json:"responseStatusText"`

	// HTTP response type
	ResponseType CachedResponseType `json:"responseType"`

	// Response headers
	ResponseHeaders []*Header `json:"responseHeaders"`

Data entry.

type DeleteCacheParams

type DeleteCacheParams struct {

	// Id of cache for deletion.
	CacheId CacheId `json:"cacheId"`

type DeleteCacheResult

type DeleteCacheResult struct {

type DeleteEntryParams

type DeleteEntryParams struct {

	// Id of cache where the entry will be deleted.
	CacheId CacheId `json:"cacheId"`

	// URL spec of the request.
	Request string `json:"request"`

type DeleteEntryResult

type DeleteEntryResult struct {
type Header struct {

	Name string `json:"name"`

	Value string `json:"value"`

type RequestCacheNamesParams

type RequestCacheNamesParams struct {

	// Security origin.
	SecurityOrigin string `json:"securityOrigin"`

type RequestCacheNamesResult

type RequestCacheNamesResult struct {

	// Caches for the security origin.
	Caches []*Cache `json:"caches"`

type RequestCachedResponseParams

type RequestCachedResponseParams struct {

	// Id of cache that contains the entry.
	CacheId CacheId `json:"cacheId"`

	// URL spec of the request.
	RequestURL string `json:"requestURL"`

	// headers of the request.
	RequestHeaders []*Header `json:"requestHeaders"`

type RequestCachedResponseResult

type RequestCachedResponseResult struct {

	// Response read from the cache.
	Response CachedResponse `json:"response"`

type RequestEntriesParams

type RequestEntriesParams struct {

	// ID of cache to get entries from.
	CacheId CacheId `json:"cacheId"`

	// Number of records to skip.
	SkipCount int `json:"skipCount"`

	// Number of records to fetch.
	PageSize int `json:"pageSize"`

	// If present, only return the entries containing this substring in the path
	PathFilter string `json:"pathFilter,omitempty"`

type RequestEntriesResult

type RequestEntriesResult struct {

	// Array of object store data entries.
	CacheDataEntries []*DataEntry `json:"cacheDataEntries"`
	// Count of returned entries from this storage. If pathFilter is empty, it
	// is the count of all entries from this storage.
	ReturnCount float64 `json:"returnCount"`

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