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func Distance

func Distance(v1, v2 Vector) float32

Distance is the distance between the two vectors

func DistanceSquared

func DistanceSquared(v1, v2 Vector) float32

DistanceSquared is the sum of the square of the given vectors


type Vector

type Vector struct {
	X, Y, Z float32

Vector represents a 3D vector

func Add

func Add(v1, v2 Vector) Vector

Add adds the two given vectors

func Multiply

func Multiply(v Vector, factor float32) Vector

Multiply is the dot product of the two given vectors

func Normalize

func Normalize(v Vector) Vector

Normalize the given vector i.e convert it into a unit vector

func (Vector) Length

func (v Vector) Length() float32

Length returns the length/magnitude of the vector

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