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type DirectFunctionalTrust

type DirectFunctionalTrust map[uint64]opinion.Type

DirectFunctionalTrust is the direct opinion about an entity's ability to provide a specific function

type DirectReferralEvidence

type DirectReferralEvidence map[Link]evidence.Type

DirectReferralEvidence represents direct referral trust matrix in evidence space

func (DirectReferralEvidence) GetEvidenceIterator

func (dre DirectReferralEvidence) GetEvidenceIterator() EvidenceIterator

GetEvidenceIterator implements IterableEvidences interface

func (DirectReferralEvidence) GetLinkIterator

func (dre DirectReferralEvidence) GetLinkIterator() LinkIterator

GetLinkIterator implements IterableLinks interface

func (DirectReferralEvidence) ToDirectReferralOpinion

func (dre DirectReferralEvidence) ToDirectReferralOpinion(c uint64) DirectReferralOpinion

ToDirectReferralOpinion transforms direct referral trust matrix to opinion space

type DirectReferralOpinion

type DirectReferralOpinion map[Link]opinion.Type

DirectReferralOpinion represents direct referral trust matrix in opinion space

func (DirectReferralOpinion) FromIterableEvidences

func (dro DirectReferralOpinion) FromIterableEvidences(evidences IterableEvidences, c uint64) DirectReferralOpinion

FromIterableEvidences builds DirectReferralOpinion from IterableEvidences

func (DirectReferralOpinion) GetLinkIterator

func (dro DirectReferralOpinion) GetLinkIterator() LinkIterator

GetLinkIterator implements IterableLinks interface

type EvidenceIterator

type EvidenceIterator func(NextEvidenceHandler) error

EvidenceIterator used as `foreach` to handle all evidences

type FinalReferralOpinion

type FinalReferralOpinion map[Link]opinion.Type

FinalReferralOpinion represents final referral trust matrix in opinion space

type IterableEvidences

type IterableEvidences interface {
	GetEvidenceIterator() EvidenceIterator

IterableEvidences allows to iterate over all evidences

type IterableLinks interface {
	GetLinkIterator() LinkIterator

IterableLinks allows to iterate over all links

type Link struct {
	From uint64
	To   uint64

Link represents trust direction

func (Link) String

func (l Link) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer interface

type LinkIterator

type LinkIterator func(NextLinkHandler) error

LinkIterator used as `foreach` to handle all links

type NextEvidenceHandler

type NextEvidenceHandler func(Link, evidence.Type) error

NextEvidenceHandler handles next evidence and returns error

type NextLinkHandler

type NextLinkHandler func(Link) error

NextLinkHandler handles next link and returns error

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