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type ChatMessage

type ChatMessage struct {
	// For incoming chat messages, the user who typed the message. This is
	// ignored for outging messages since we can't pretend to be another user.
	FromUser string
	// The user to whom the message is addressed, if any. For Slack, this is
	// the @user at the beginning of the message.
	ToUser string
	// The name of a channel to send to.
	Channel string
	Text    string
	// For incoming messages, true if the message is addressed to the bot.
	// This can either be through a DM channel or by starting with @botuser.
	ToBot bool
	// Attachments, if any
	Attachments []slack.Attachment

ChatMessage contains information about an incoming or outgoing message.

type Config

type Config struct {
	Verbose bool

	// Base URL for Jira
	JiraUrl        string `envconfig:"JIRA_URL" required:"true"`
	JiraApiKey     string `envconfig:"JIRA_API_KEY"` //`required:"true"`
	JiraAppName    string `envconfig:"JIRA_APPNAME" default:"JiraSlack"`
	JiraWebHookKey string `envconfig:"JIRA_WEBHOOK_KEY" required:"true"`

	// Jira OAuth access data
	JiraAccessToken  string `envconfig:"JIRA_ACCESS_TOKEN"`  //`required:"true"`
	JiraAccessSecret string `envconfig:"JIRA_ACCESS_SECRET"` //`required:"true"`

	SlackKey            string `envconfig:"SLACK_KEY" required:"true"`
	SlackUser           string `envconfig:"SLACK_USER" default:"jira"`
	SlackDefaultChannel string `envconfig:"SLACK_DEFAULT_CHANNEL" required:"true"`

	WebHookBind string `envconfig:"WEBHOOK_BIND" default:":80"`

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