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Package sqltypes implements interfaces and types that represent SQL values.



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var (
	NULL       = Value{}
	DONTESCAPE = byte(255)
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var SqlDecodeMap [256]byte

SqlDecodeMap is the reverse of SqlEncodeMap

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var SqlEncodeMap [256]byte

SqlEncodeMap specifies how to escape binary data with '\'. Complies to http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/string-syntax.html


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type BinWriter

type BinWriter interface {
	Write([]byte) (int, error)
	WriteByte(byte) error

BinWriter interface is used for encoding values. Types like bytes.Buffer conform to this interface. We expect the writer objects to be in-memory buffers. So, we don't expect the write operations to fail.

type Fractional

type Fractional []byte

Fractional represents fractional types like float and decimal It's functionally equivalent to Numeric other than how it's constructed

type InnerValue

type InnerValue interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

InnerValue defines methods that need to be supported by all non-null value types.

type Numeric

type Numeric []byte

Numeric represents non-fractional SQL number.

func (Numeric) MarshalJSON

func (n Numeric) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type String

type String []byte

String represents any SQL type that needs to be represented using quotes.

func (String) MarshalJSON

func (s String) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type Value

type Value struct {
	Inner InnerValue

Value can store any SQL value. NULL is stored as nil.

func BuildNumeric

func BuildNumeric(val string) (n Value, err error)

BuildNumeric builds a Numeric type that represents any whole number. It normalizes the representation to ensure 1:1 mapping between the number and its representation.

func BuildValue

func BuildValue(goval interface{}) (v Value, err error)

func MakeFractional

func MakeFractional(b []byte) Value

MakeFractional makes a Fractional value from a []byte without validation.

func MakeNumeric

func MakeNumeric(b []byte) Value

MakeNumeric makes a Numeric from a []byte without validation.

func MakeString

func MakeString(b []byte) Value

MakeString makes a String value from a []byte.

func (Value) EncodeAscii

func (v Value) EncodeAscii(b BinWriter)

EncodeAscii encodes the value using 7-bit clean ascii bytes.

func (Value) EncodeSql

func (v Value) EncodeSql(b BinWriter)

EncodeSql encodes the value into an SQL statement. Can be binary.

func (Value) IsFractional

func (v Value) IsFractional() (ok bool)

func (Value) IsNull

func (v Value) IsNull() bool

func (Value) IsNumeric

func (v Value) IsNumeric() (ok bool)

func (Value) IsString

func (v Value) IsString() (ok bool)

func (Value) MarshalJSON

func (v Value) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON should only be used for testing. It's not a complete implementation.

func (Value) ParseFloat64

func (v Value) ParseFloat64() (val float64, err error)

ParseFloat64 will parse a Fractional value into an float64

func (Value) ParseInt64

func (v Value) ParseInt64() (val int64, err error)

ParseInt64 will parse a Numeric value into an int64

func (Value) ParseUint64

func (v Value) ParseUint64() (val uint64, err error)

ParseUint64 will parse a Numeric value into a uint64

func (Value) Raw

func (v Value) Raw() []byte

Raw returns the raw bytes. All types are currently implemented as []byte.

func (Value) String

func (v Value) String() string

String returns the raw value as a string

func (*Value) UnmarshalJSON

func (v *Value) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON should only be used for testing. It's not a complete implementation.

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