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Published: Nov 6, 2018 License: Apache-2.0


Custom SD

Custom SD is available via the file_sd adapter, which can be used to access SD mechanisms that are not included in official Prometheus releases. The sd adapter outputs a file that can be passed via your prometheus.yml as a file_sd file. This will allow you to pass your targets to Prometheus for scraping without having to use a static config.


This directory (documentation/examples/custom-sd) contains an example custom service discovery implementation as well as a file_sd adapter usage. adapter-usage contains the Discoverer implementation for a basic Consul service discovery mechanism. It simply queries Consul for all it's known services (except Consul itself), and sends them along with all the other service data as labels as a TargetGroup. The adapter directory contains the adapter code you will want to import and pass your Discoverer implementation to.


To use file_sd adapter you must implement a Discoverer. In adapter-usage/main.go replace the example SD config and create an instance of your SD implementation to pass to the Adapter's NewAdapter. See the Note: comments for the structs and Run function.


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