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Calico Controllers for Kubernetes

This repository contains a collection of kubernetes controllers for Calico deployed using the etcd datastore. Note that when using Calico configured to use the Kubernetes datastore, the controllers in this repository are not needed.

Get Started Using Calico

For users who want to learn more about the project or get started with Calico, see the documentation on docs.projectcalico.org.

Get Started Developing Calico


The entire build can be run within a container, which means the only dependencies you'll need are a functioning Docker installation.

If you'd like to run the build and tests locally outside of a container, you'll need the following dependencies:


Contributions to this code are welcome! The code in this repository can be built and tested using the Makefile.

  • make docker-image will produce a docker image containing the artifacts suitable for deploying to kubernetes.
  • make binary will build just the controller binary so it can be run locally.

For more information, see make help.


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