Gru - Orchestration made easy with Go and Lua

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Gru is a fast and concurrent orchestration framework powered by Go and Lua, which allows you to manage your UNIX/Linux systems with ease.


You can find the latest documentation here.

The API documentation is available here.


  • Written in fast, compiled language - Go
  • Uses a fast, lightweight, embeddable, scripting language as the DSL - Lua
  • Concurrent execution of idempotent operations
  • Distributed - using etcd for node discovery and communication and Git for version control and data sync
  • Easy to deploy - comes with a single, statically linked binary
  • Suitable for orchestration and configuration management


Gru is in constant development. Consider the API unstable as things may change without a notice.


Gru is hosted on Github. Please contribute by reporting issues, suggesting features or by sending patches using pull requests.


Gru is Open Source and licensed under the BSD License.


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