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package notary

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const (
	// MaxDownloadSize is the maximum size we'll download for metadata if no limit is given
	MaxDownloadSize int64 = 100 << 20
	// MaxTimestampSize is the maximum size of timestamp metadata - 1MiB.
	MaxTimestampSize int64 = 1 << 20
	// MinRSABitSize is the minimum bit size for RSA keys allowed in notary
	MinRSABitSize = 2048
	// MinThreshold requires a minimum of one threshold for roles; currently we do not support a higher threshold
	MinThreshold = 1
	// SHA256HexSize is how big a SHA256 hex is in number of characters
	SHA256HexSize = 64
	// SHA512HexSize is how big a SHA512 hex is in number of characters
	SHA512HexSize = 128
	// SHA256 is the name of SHA256 hash algorithm
	SHA256 = "sha256"
	// SHA512 is the name of SHA512 hash algorithm
	SHA512 = "sha512"
	// TrustedCertsDir is the directory, under the notary repo base directory, where trusted certs are stored
	TrustedCertsDir = "trusted_certificates"
	// PrivDir is the directory, under the notary repo base directory, where private keys are stored
	PrivDir = "private"
	// RootKeysSubdir is the subdirectory under PrivDir where root private keys are stored
	// DEPRECATED: The only reason we need this constant is compatibility with older versions
	RootKeysSubdir = "root_keys"
	// NonRootKeysSubdir is the subdirectory under PrivDir where non-root private keys are stored
	// DEPRECATED: The only reason we need this constant is compatibility with older versions
	NonRootKeysSubdir = "tuf_keys"
	// KeyExtension is the file extension to use for private key files
	KeyExtension = "key"

	// Day is a duration of one day
	Day  = 24 * time.Hour
	Year = 365 * Day

	// NotaryRootExpiry is the duration representing the expiry time of the Root role
	NotaryRootExpiry      = 10 * Year
	NotaryTargetsExpiry   = 3 * Year
	NotarySnapshotExpiry  = 3 * Year
	NotaryTimestampExpiry = 14 * Day

	ConsistentMetadataCacheMaxAge = 30 * Day
	CurrentMetadataCacheMaxAge    = 5 * time.Minute
	// CacheMaxAgeLimit is the generally recommended maximum age for Cache-Control headers
	// (one year, in seconds, since one year is forever in terms of internet
	// content)
	CacheMaxAgeLimit = 1 * Year

	MySQLBackend     = "mysql"
	MemoryBackend    = "memory"
	PostgresBackend  = "postgres"
	SQLiteBackend    = "sqlite3"
	RethinkDBBackend = "rethinkdb"
	FileBackend      = "file"

	DefaultImportRole = "delegation"

	// HealthCheckKeyManagement and HealthCheckSigner are the grpc service name
	// for "KeyManagement" and "Signer" respectively which used for health check.
	// The "Overall" indicates the querying for overall status of the server.
	HealthCheckKeyManagement = ""
	HealthCheckSigner        = ""
	HealthCheckOverall       = ""

	// PrivExecPerms indicates the file permissions for directory
	// and PrivNoExecPerms for file.
	PrivExecPerms   = 0700
	PrivNoExecPerms = 0600

	// DefaultPageSize is the default number of records to return from the changefeed
	DefaultPageSize = 100

application wide constants


var NotarySupportedBackends = []string{

NotarySupportedBackends contains the backends we would like to support at present

var NotarySupportedSignals = []os.Signal{

NotarySupportedSignals contains the signals we would like to capture: - SIGUSR1, indicates a increment of the log level. - SIGUSR2, indicates a decrement of the log level.

func FIPSEnabled

func FIPSEnabled() bool

FIPSEnabled returns true if running in FIPS mode. If compiled in FIPS mode the md5 hash function is never available even when imported. This seems to be the best test we have for it.

type CtxKey

type CtxKey int

CtxKey is a wrapper type for use in context.WithValue() to satisfy golint

const (
	CtxKeyMetaStore CtxKey = iota

enum to use for setting and retrieving values from contexts

type PassRetriever

type PassRetriever func(keyName, alias string, createNew bool, attempts int) (passphrase string, giveup bool, err error)

PassRetriever is a callback function that should retrieve a passphrase for a given named key. If it should be treated as new passphrase (e.g. with confirmation), createNew will be true. Attempts is passed in so that implementers decide how many chances to give to a human, for example.

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