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type Store

type Store struct {

Store provides data access to account information.

func (Store) Add

func (s Store) Add(ctx domain.RequestContext, account account.Account) (err error)

Add inserts the given record into the datbase account table.

func (Store) CountOrgAccounts

func (s Store) CountOrgAccounts(ctx domain.RequestContext) (c int)

CountOrgAccounts returns the numnber of active user accounts for specified organization.

func (Store) DeleteAccount

func (s Store) DeleteAccount(ctx domain.RequestContext, ID string) (rows int64, err error)

DeleteAccount deletes the database record in the account table for user ID.

func (Store) GetAccountsByOrg

func (s Store) GetAccountsByOrg(ctx domain.RequestContext) (t []account.Account, err error)

GetAccountsByOrg returns a slice of database account records, for all users in the client's organization.

func (Store) GetUserAccount

func (s Store) GetUserAccount(ctx domain.RequestContext, userID string) (account account.Account, err error)

GetUserAccount returns the database account record corresponding to the given userID, using the client's current organizaion.

func (Store) GetUserAccounts

func (s Store) GetUserAccounts(ctx domain.RequestContext, userID string) (t []account.Account, err error)

GetUserAccounts returns a slice of database account records, for all organizations that the userID is a member of, in organization title order.

func (Store) HasOrgAccount

func (s Store) HasOrgAccount(ctx domain.RequestContext, orgID, userID string) bool

HasOrgAccount returns if the given orgID has valid userID.

func (Store) UpdateAccount

func (s Store) UpdateAccount(ctx domain.RequestContext, account account.Account) (err error)

UpdateAccount updates the database record for the given account to the given values.

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