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package smtp

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Published: Aug 29, 2019 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


Package smtp provides access to SMTP server for sending email.


func Connect

func Connect(c Config) (d *mail.Dialer, err error)

Connect returns open connection to server for sending email

func SendMessage

func SendMessage(d *mail.Dialer, c Config, em EmailMessage) (b bool, err error)

SendMessage sends email using specified SMTP connection

type Config

type Config struct {
	// IP/hostname of SMTP server
	Host string

	// Port number of SMTP server
	Port int

	// Username for authentication with SMTP server
	Username string

	// Password for authentication with SMTP server
	Password string

	// SenderEmail is FROM address
	SenderEmail string

	// SenderName is FROM display name
	SenderName string

	// AnonymousAuth does not send username/password to server
	AnonymousAuth bool

	// Base64EncodeCredentials encodes User and Password as base64 before sending to SMTP server
	Base64EncodeCredentials bool

	// UseSSL uses SMTP SSL connection with SMTP server
	UseSSL bool

	// SkipSSLVerify allows unverified certificates
	SkipSSLVerify bool

	// SenderFQDN is the sending servers fully qualified domain name
	// as some SMTP servers require a value other than localhost.
	// e.g.
	SenderFQDN string

Config is used to create SMTP server connection

type EmailMessage

type EmailMessage struct {
	ToEmail   string
	ToName    string
	Subject   string
	BodyHTML  string
	ReplyTo   string
	ReplyName string

EmailMessage represents email to be sent.

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