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type ListStatStore

type ListStatStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A ListStatStore stores "list-based" statistics (for example, lists of player bingos).

func NewListStatStore

func NewListStatStore(dbURL string) (*ListStatStore, error)

func (*ListStatStore) AddListItem

func (l *ListStatStore) AddListItem(gameID string, playerID string, statType int,
	time int64, item entity.ListDatum) error

XXX: This should be a transaction that queues up many inserts. Fix before beta.

func (*ListStatStore) Disconnect

func (l *ListStatStore) Disconnect()

func (*ListStatStore) GetListItems

func (l *ListStatStore) GetListItems(statType int, gameIds []string, playerID string) ([]*entity.ListItem, error)

GetListItems gets list items for a stat type, a list of game IDs, and an optional player ID. XXX: This function will need to be modified a bit to work with a player ID of "opponent" -- that is when we want to get user list stats for arbitrary opponents.

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