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func StartQuiz

func StartQuiz(c echo.Context) error

StartQuiz returns the logic to start the quiz game


type Question

type Question struct {
	Category      string   `json:"category"`
	Type          string   `json:"type"`
	Difficulty    string   `json:"difficulty"`
	CorrectAnswer string   `json:"correct_answer"`
	Question      string   `json:"question"`
	Answers       []string `json:"answers"`

Question holds all the information for each question.

type Questions

type Questions struct {
	Questions QuestionsPacks `json:"questions"`

Questions hold all the pack of questions.

func NewQuestions

func NewQuestions() *Questions

NewQuestions reads all the questions from a file, and generates data.

type QuestionsPacks

type QuestionsPacks struct {
	Easy   []Question `json:"easy"`
	Medium []Question `json:"medium"`
	Hard   []Question `json:"hard"`

QuestionsPacks holds the question packs depending the difficulty.

type Quiz

type Quiz struct {
	User          *User
	QuestionsPack []Question

Quiz holds all the information is needed to start the quiz game.

func NewQuiz

func NewQuiz(user *User) *Quiz

NewQuiz creates a Quiz filled up with all the questions.

type User

type User struct {
	Name       string `json:"name" form:"name" query:"name"`
	Email      string `json:"email" form:"email" query:"email"`
	Difficulty string `json:"difficulty" form:"difficulty" query:"difficulty"`

User holds all the information of the player

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