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func Export added in v0.0.4

func Export(marshaler Marshaler, w io.Writer) error

func ExtExport added in v0.0.8

func ExtExport(marshaler ExtMarshaler, w io.Writer) error

func Unmarshal

func Unmarshal(resource ResourceIF, v interface{}) error

Unmarshal has no documentation


type Adapter added in v0.0.7

type Adapter interface {
	GetString(key string) *string
	GetBool(key string) *bool

func Adapt added in v0.0.7

func Adapt(d Decoder) Adapter

type Any added in v0.0.11

type Any map[string]interface{}

type Decoder

type Decoder interface {
	GetOk(key string) (interface{}, bool)
	Get(key string) interface{}
	GetChange(key string) (interface{}, interface{})
	GetStringSet(key string) []string
	GetOkExists(key string) (interface{}, bool)
	Reader(unkowns ...map[string]json.RawMessage) Reader
	HasChange(key string) bool
	MarshalAll(items map[string]interface{}) (Properties, error)

	Decode(key string, v interface{}) error
	DecodeAll(map[string]interface{}) error
	DecodeAny(map[string]interface{}) (interface{}, error)

	DecodeSlice(key string, v interface{}) error

Decoder has no documentation

func DecoderFrom added in v0.0.6

func DecoderFrom(m MinDecoder) Decoder

func NewDecoder

func NewDecoder(parent MinDecoder, address ...interface{}) Decoder

NewDecoder has no documentation

func VoidDecoder added in v0.0.11

func VoidDecoder() Decoder

type ExtMarshaler added in v0.0.8

type ExtMarshaler interface {
	MarshalHCL(Decoder) (map[string]interface{}, error)

type Marshaler added in v0.0.3

type Marshaler interface {
	MarshalHCL() (map[string]interface{}, error)

Marshaler has no documentation

type MinDecoder added in v0.0.6

type MinDecoder interface {
	GetOk(key string) (interface{}, bool)
	Get(key string) interface{}
	GetChange(key string) (interface{}, interface{})
	GetOkExists(key string) (interface{}, bool)
	HasChange(key string) bool

Decoder has no documentation

type Properties added in v0.0.10

type Properties map[string]interface{}

func NewProperties added in v0.0.11

func NewProperties(v interface{}, unknowns ...map[string]json.RawMessage) (Properties, error)

func (Properties) Encode added in v0.0.11

func (me Properties) Encode(key string, v interface{}) error

func (Properties) EncodeAll added in v0.0.11

func (me Properties) EncodeAll(items map[string]interface{}) (Properties, error)

func (Properties) EncodeSlice added in v0.0.11

func (me Properties) EncodeSlice(key string, v interface{}) (Properties, error)

func (Properties) Marshal added in v0.0.10

func (me Properties) Marshal(decoder Decoder, key string, v interface{}) error

func (Properties) MarshalAll added in v0.0.10

func (me Properties) MarshalAll(decoder Decoder, items map[string]interface{}) error

type Reader added in v0.0.8

type Reader interface {
	String(string) *string
	Float64(string) *float64
	Int32(string) *int32
	Bool(string) *bool
	Count(string) int
	Decode(v interface{}) error

func NewReader added in v0.0.8

func NewReader(decoder Decoder, unknowns map[string]json.RawMessage) Reader

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	Schema map[string]*Schema

type ResourceAccessor added in v0.0.3

type ResourceAccessor interface {
	Set(key string, value interface{}) error

ResourceAccessor has no documentation

type ResourceIF added in v0.0.3

type ResourceIF interface {
	GetOk(key string) (interface{}, bool)
	Get(key string) interface{}
	Set(key string, value interface{}) error
	Append(key string) ResourceIF

Resource has no documentation

type Schema added in v0.0.3

type Schema struct {
	Type          ValueType
	Description   string
	Optional      bool
	MaxItems      int
	MinItems      int
	Sensitive     bool
	Elem          interface{}
	Default       interface{}
	Required      bool
	Deprecated    string
	Computed      bool
	ConflictsWith []string
	ExactlyOneOf  []string
	AtLeastOneOf  []string
	RequiredWith  []string
	ForceNew      bool

type Set added in v0.0.6

type Set interface {
	List() []interface{}
	Len() int

type Unmarshaler added in v0.0.11

type Unmarshaler interface {
	UnmarshalHCL(decoder Decoder) error

type ValueType added in v0.0.3

type ValueType int
const (
	TypeInvalid ValueType = iota

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