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gdu - Go Disk Usage

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Pretty fast disk usage analyzer written in Go.

Gdu is intended primarily for SSD disks where it can fully utilize parallel processing. However HDDs work as well, but the performance gain is not so huge.


Head for the releases and download binary for your system.

Using curl:

curl -L | tar xz
chmod +x gdu-linux-amd64
mv gdu-linux-amd64 /usr/bin/gdu

Arch Linux:

yay -S gdu


brew tap dundee/taps
brew install gdu


go get -u


gdu                                 # show all mounted disks
gdu some_dir_to_analyze             # analyze given dir
gdu -log-file=./gdu.log some_dir    # write errors to log file
gdu -ignore=/sys,/proc /            # ignore some paths

Running tests

make test


Scanning 80G of data on 500 GB SSD.

Tool Without cache With cache
gdu / 6.5s 2.5s
dua / 8s 2s
godu / 8.5s 3s
du -hs / 44s 4.5s
duc index / 47s 5s
ncdu / 54s 12s

Gdu is inspired by ncdu, godu, dua and df.


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