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func ElementToPath

func ElementToPath(elem *Element, log *util.HfdLog) (path.Path, error)

    convert this element to a path

    func InitContext

    func InitContext()


    type DefaultDocumentParser

    type DefaultDocumentParser struct {

    func NewDocumentParser

    func NewDocumentParser() DefaultDocumentParser

    func (DefaultDocumentParser) LoadBytes

    func (p DefaultDocumentParser) LoadBytes(filename string) ([]byte, error)

    func (DefaultDocumentParser) Parse

    func (p DefaultDocumentParser) Parse(bytes []byte, logger *util.HfdLog) (*dom.Document, error)

    type Element

    type Element struct {
    	Name       string
    	Attributes *dynmap.DynMap // map[string]string
    	Children   []*Element
    	Content    string

      Element is a representation of an SVG element.

      func DecodeFirst

      func DecodeFirst(decoder *xml.Decoder) (*Element, error)

        DecodeFirst creates the first element from the decoder.

        func NewElement

        func NewElement(token xml.StartElement) *Element

          NewElement creates element from decoder token.

          func Parse

          func Parse(source io.Reader, validate bool) (*Element, error)

            Parse creates an Element instance from an SVG input.

            func (*Element) Compare

            func (e *Element) Compare(o *Element) bool

              Compare compares two elements.

              func (*Element) Decode

              func (e *Element) Decode(decoder *xml.Decoder) error

                Decode decodes the child elements of element.

                type SVGNormalizer

                type SVGNormalizer struct {
                	SegmentOperators path.SegmentOperators

                func (SVGNormalizer) SVGNormalize

                func (sn SVGNormalizer) SVGNormalize(xml string, logger *util.HfdLog) (string, error)

                  parses the svg, and normalizes it and returns a new svg

                  type SVGParser

                  type SVGParser struct {

                  func (SVGParser) ParseSVG

                  func (s SVGParser) ParseSVG(xml string, logger *util.HfdLog) (path.Path, error)

                    parses an SVG file for any Path Elements and joining them together