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Simple API to access Netatmo weather station data written in Go.


  • Create a new netatmo app
  • Edit test/sample.confwith your credentials
  • run go run test/netatmo-api-test.go -f test/sample.conf
  • Output shall look like :
Station : Home               
        Module : Chambre Elsa                              
                BatteryPercent : 47 (updated 323s ago)     
                RFStatus : 68 (updated 323s ago)           
                Temperature : 22.8 (updated 323s ago)      
                Humidity : 53 (updated 323s ago)           
                CO2 : 446 (updated 323s ago)               
        Module : Chambre parents                           
                BatteryPercent : 50 (updated 323s ago)     
                RFStatus : 71 (updated 323s ago)           
                Temperature : 19.9 (updated 323s ago)      
                Humidity : 61 (updated 323s ago)           
                CO2 : 428 (updated 323s ago)               
        Module : Chambre Jules                             
                BatteryPercent : 46 (updated 323s ago)     
                RFStatus : 60 (updated 323s ago)           
                CO2 : 396 (updated 323s ago)               
                Temperature : 22 (updated 323s ago)        
                Humidity : 54 (updated 323s ago)           
        Module : Exterieur   
                BatteryPercent : 37 (updated 323s ago)     
                RFStatus : 66 (updated 323s ago)           
                Temperature : 23.4 (updated 323s ago)      
                Humidity : 52 (updated 323s ago)           
        Module : Pluie       
                BatteryPercent : 72 (updated 9684499s ago)
                RFStatus : 54 (updated 9684499s ago)       
                Rain : 0.101 (updated 9684499s ago)        
        Module : Living      
                WifiStatus : 37 (updated 278s ago)         
                Temperature : 24 (updated 278s ago)        
                Humidity : 49 (updated 278s ago)           
                CO2 : 733 (updated 278s ago)               
                Noise : 50 (updated 278s ago)              
                Pressure : 1028.1 (updated 278s ago)       
                AbsolutePressure : 1008.4 (updated 278s ago)


  • Only Read() method actually do an API call and refresh all data at once
  • Main station is handle as a module, it means that Modules() method returns list of additional modules and station itself.
  • Data() returns sensors values (such as temperature) whereas Info() returns module status (such as battery level)




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type Client

type Client struct {
	Dc *DeviceCollection
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client use to make request to Netatmo API

func NewClient

func NewClient(config Config) (*Client, error)

NewClient create a handle authentication to Netamo API

func (*Client) Read

func (c *Client) Read() (*DeviceCollection, error)

GetStations returns the list of stations owned by the user, and their modules

type Config

type Config struct {
	ClientID     string
	ClientSecret string
	Username     string
	Password     string

Config is used to specify credential to Netatmo API ClientID : Client ID from netatmo app registration at ClientSecret : Client app secret Username : Your netatmo account username Password : Your netatmo account password

type DashboardData

type DashboardData struct {
	Temperature      *float32 `json:"Temperature,omitempty"` // use pointer to detect ommitted field by json mapping
	Humidity         *int32   `json:"Humidity,omitempty"`
	CO2              *int32   `json:"CO2,omitempty"`
	Noise            *int32   `json:"Noise,omitempty"`
	Pressure         *float32 `json:"Pressure,omitempty"`
	AbsolutePressure *float32 `json:"AbsolutePressure,omitempty"`
	Rain             *float32 `json:"Rain,omitempty"`
	Rain1Hour        *float32 `json:"sum_rain_1,omitempty"`
	Rain1Day         *float32 `json:"sum_rain_24,omitempty"`
	WindAngle        *int32   `json:"WindAngle,omitempty"`
	WindStrength     *int32   `json:"WindStrength,omitempty"`
	GustAngle        *int32   `json:"GustAngle,omitempty"`
	GustStrength     *int32   `json:"GustStrength,omitempty"`
	LastMeasure      *int64   `json:"time_utc"`

DashboardData is used to store sensor values Temperature : Last temperature measure @ LastMeasure (in °C) Humidity : Last humidity measured @ LastMeasure (in %) CO2 : Last Co2 measured @ time_utc (in ppm) Noise : Last noise measured @ LastMeasure (in db) Pressure : Last Sea level pressure measured @ LastMeasure (in mb) AbsolutePressure : Real measured pressure @ LastMeasure (in mb) Rain : Last rain measured (in mm) Rain1Hour : Amount of rain in last hour Rain1Day : Amount of rain today WindAngle : Current 5 min average wind direction @ LastMeasure (in °) WindStrength : Current 5 min average wind speed @ LastMeasure (in km/h) GustAngle : Direction of the last 5 min highest gust wind @ LastMeasure (in °) GustStrength : Speed of the last 5 min highest gust wind @ LastMeasure (in km/h) LastMeasure : Contains timestamp of last data received

type Device

type Device struct {
	ID             string `json:"_id"`
	StationName    string `json:"station_name"`
	ModuleName     string `json:"module_name"`
	BatteryPercent *int32 `json:"battery_percent,omitempty"`
	WifiStatus     *int32 `json:"wifi_status,omitempty"`
	RFStatus       *int32 `json:"rf_status,omitempty"`
	Type           string
	DashboardData  DashboardData `json:"dashboard_data"`
	//DataType      []string      `json:"data_type"`
	LinkedModules []*Device `json:"modules"`

Device is a station or a module ID : Mac address StationName : Station name (only for station) ModuleName : Module name BatteryPercent : Percentage of battery remaining WifiStatus : Wifi status per Base station RFStatus : Current radio status per module Type : Module type :

"NAMain" : for the base station
"NAModule1" : for the outdoor module
"NAModule4" : for the additionnal indoor module
"NAModule3" : for the rain gauge module
"NAModule2" : for the wind gauge module

DashboardData : Data collection from device sensors DataType : List of available datas LinkedModules : Associated modules (only for station)

func (*Device) Data

func (d *Device) Data() (int64, map[string]interface{})

Data returns timestamp and the list of sensor value for this module

func (*Device) Info

func (d *Device) Info() (int64, map[string]interface{})

Info returns timestamp and the list of info value for this module

func (*Device) Modules

func (d *Device) Modules() []*Device

Modules returns associated device module

type DeviceCollection

type DeviceCollection struct {
	Body struct {
		Devices []*Device `json:"devices"`

DeviceCollection hold all devices from netatmo account

func (*DeviceCollection) Devices

func (dc *DeviceCollection) Devices() []*Device

Devices returns the list of devices

func (*DeviceCollection) Stations

func (dc *DeviceCollection) Stations() []*Device

Stations is an alias of Devices

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