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var Default = &Monitor{
	subscribers: make(map[chan runc.Exit]*subscriber),

Default is the default monitor initialized for the package

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var ErrNoSuchProcess = errors.New("no such process")

ErrNoSuchProcess is returned when the process no longer exists


func Reap

func Reap() error

Reap should be called when the process receives an SIGCHLD. Reap will reap all exited processes and close their wait channels


type Monitor

type Monitor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Monitor monitors the underlying system for process status changes

func (*Monitor) Start

func (m *Monitor) Start(c *exec.Cmd) (chan runc.Exit, error)

Start starts the command a registers the process with the reaper

func (*Monitor) Subscribe

func (m *Monitor) Subscribe() chan runc.Exit

Subscribe to process exit changes

func (*Monitor) Unsubscribe

func (m *Monitor) Unsubscribe(c chan runc.Exit)

Unsubscribe to process exit changes

func (*Monitor) Wait

func (m *Monitor) Wait(c *exec.Cmd, ec chan runc.Exit) (int, error)

Wait blocks until a process is signal as dead. User should rely on the value of the exit status to determine if the command was successful or not.

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