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docker related datastructures.

This packages contains datastructures used in the communication with docker, i.e. those that are sent and received while communicating with the docker API.



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type Container

type Container struct {
	Id         string
	Image      string
	Command    string
	Created    int64 `json:"Created"`
	Status     string
	Ports      []*PortConfig
	SizeRw     int
	SizeRootFs int
	Names      []string
	Labels     map[string]string

func (*Container) CreatedAt

func (self *Container) CreatedAt() time.Time

func (*Container) String

func (container *Container) String() string

type ContainerConfig

type ContainerConfig struct {
	Hostname        string
	Domainname      string
	User            string
	Memory          int64 // Memory limit (in bytes)
	MemorySwap      int64 // Total memory usage (memory + swap); set `-1' to disable swap
	CpuShares       int64 // CPU shares (relative weight vs. other containers)
	AttachStdin     bool
	AttachStdout    bool
	AttachStderr    bool
	PortSpecs       []string
	ExposedPorts    map[Port]struct{}
	Tty             bool // Attach standard streams to a tty, including stdin if it is not closed.
	OpenStdin       bool // Open stdin
	StdinOnce       bool // If true, close stdin after the 1 attached client disconnects.
	Env             []string
	Cmd             []string
	Dns             []string
	Image           string // Name of the image as it was passed by the operator (eg. could be symbolic)
	Volumes         map[string]struct{}
	VolumesFrom     interface{} `json:"VolumesFrom,omitempty"`
	WorkingDir      string
	Entrypoint      []string
	NetworkDisabled bool
	HostConfig      HostConfig

type ContainerInfo

type ContainerInfo struct {
	Id              string `json:"ID"`
	Image           string
	CreatedAt       time.Time `json:"Created"`
	SysInitPath     string
	ResolvConfPath  string
	Volumes         map[string]string
	VolumesRW       map[string]bool
	Path            string
	Args            []string
	ContainerConfig ContainerConfig `json:"Config"`
	NetworkConfig   NetworkSettings `json:"NetworkSettings"`
	HostConfig      HostConfig      `json:"HostConfig"`
	State           struct {
		Status   string
		Running  bool
		Paused   bool
		Dead     bool
		ExitCode int
		Pid      int

type HostConfig

type HostConfig struct {
	PublishAllPorts bool
	NetworkMode     string
	Binds           []string
	PortBindings    map[Port][]PortBinding
	LxcConf         interface{}

type Image

type Image struct {
	Created     int               `json:"Created"`
	Id          string            `json:"Id"`
	Labels      map[string]string `json:"Labels"`
	RepoDigests []string          `json:"RepoDigests"`
	Repository  string            `json:"Repository"`
	Size        int               `json:"Size"`
	Tags        []string          `json:"RepoTags"`
	VirtualSize int               `json:"VirtualSize"`

Basic image information as returned by docker.

func (*Image) CreatedAt

func (self *Image) CreatedAt() time.Time

func (*Image) String

func (img *Image) String() string

type ImageDetails

type ImageDetails struct {
	Id              string           `json:"id"`
	Parent          string           `json:"parent"`
	Created         string           `json:"created"`
	Container       string           `json:"container"`
	Size            int              `json:"size"`
	Architecture    string           `json:"architecture"`
	DockerVersion   string           `json:"docker_version"`
	ContainerConfig *ContainerConfig `json:"container_config"`
	Config          *ContainerConfig `json:"config"`

Image details as returned by docker.

func (*ImageDetails) CreatedAt

func (image *ImageDetails) CreatedAt() (time.Time, error)

type ImageHistory

type ImageHistory []struct {
	Id   string
	Tags []string

	CreatedBy string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Image history entries as returned by docker.

type NetworkSettings

type NetworkSettings struct {
	Ip          string `json:"IPAddress"`
	IPPrefixLen int
	Gateway     string
	Bridge      string
	PortMapping map[string]map[string]string
	Ports       map[Port][]PortBinding

func (*NetworkSettings) PortMappingFor

func (settings *NetworkSettings) PortMappingFor(protocol string) map[string]string

func (*NetworkSettings) PortMappingString

func (settings *NetworkSettings) PortMappingString() string

func (*NetworkSettings) TcpPortMapping

func (settings *NetworkSettings) TcpPortMapping() map[string]string

func (*NetworkSettings) UdpPortMapping

func (settings *NetworkSettings) UdpPortMapping() map[string]string

type Port

type Port string

type PortBinding

type PortBinding struct {
	HostIp   string
	HostPort string

type PortConfig

type PortConfig struct {
	Private  int    `json:"PrivatePort"`
	Public   int    `json:"PublicPort"`
	Protocol string `json:"Type"`
	Ip       string `json:"IP"`

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