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const API_VERSION = "2012-12-12"


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type Change

type Change struct {
	Action            string // CREATE or DELETE
	ResourceRecordSet *ResourceRecordSet

type ChangeBatch

type ChangeBatch struct {
	XMLName xml.Name  `xml:"ChangeBatch"`
	Comment string    `xml:"Comment,omitempty"`
	Changes []*Change `xml:"Changes>Change"`

type ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest

type ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name     `xml:"ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest"`
	Xmlns       string       `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	ChangeBatch *ChangeBatch `xml:"ChangeBatch"`

func NewChangeResourceRecordSets

func NewChangeResourceRecordSets(batch *ChangeBatch) *ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest

type Client

type Client struct {

func NewFromEnv

func NewFromEnv() *Client

func (*Client) ChangeResourceRecordSets

func (client *Client) ChangeResourceRecordSets(hostedZone string, changes []*Change) error

func (*Client) GetHostedZone

func (client *Client) GetHostedZone(id string) (zone *HostedZone, e error)

func (*Client) ListHostedZones

func (client *Client) ListHostedZones() (zones []*HostedZone, e error)

func (*Client) ListResourceRecordSets

func (client *Client) ListResourceRecordSets(id string) (rrs []*ResourceRecordSet, e error)

type GetHostedZoneResponse

type GetHostedZoneResponse struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name   `xml:"GetHostedZoneResponse"`
	HostedZone  HostedZone `xml:"HostedZone"`
	NameServers []string   `xml:"DelegationSet>NameServers>NameServer"`

type HostedZone

type HostedZone struct {
	Id                     string `xml:"Id"`
	Name                   string `xml:"Name"`
	CallerReference        string `xml:"CallerReference"`
	ResourceRecordSetCount int    `xml:"ResourceRecordSetCount"`

func (*HostedZone) Code

func (zone *HostedZone) Code() string

type HttpResponse

type HttpResponse struct {
	StatusCode int
	Content    []byte

type ListHostedZonesResponse

type ListHostedZonesResponse struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name      `xml:"ListHostedZonesResponse"`
	IsTruncated bool          `xml:"IsTruncated"`
	MaxItems    int           `xml:"MaxItems"`
	HostedZones []*HostedZone `xml:"HostedZones>HostedZone"`

type ListResourceRecordSetsResponse

type ListResourceRecordSetsResponse struct {
	XMLName            xml.Name             `xml:"ListResourceRecordSetsResponse"`
	ResourceRecordSets []*ResourceRecordSet `xml:"ResourceRecordSets>ResourceRecordSet"`

type ResourceRecord

type ResourceRecord struct {
	Value string `xml:"Value"`

type ResourceRecordSet

type ResourceRecordSet struct {
	Name            string            `xml:"Name"`
	Type            string            `xml:"Type"`
	TTL             int               `xml:"TTL"`
	HealthCheckId   string            `xml:"HealthCheckId,omitempty"`
	SetIdentifier   string            `xml:"SetIdentifier,omitempty"`
	Weight          int               `xml:"Weight,omitempty"`
	ResourceRecords []*ResourceRecord `xml:"ResourceRecords>ResourceRecord"`

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