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Package apachelog provides an Apache log parser.



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const (
	CombinedLogFromat = "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-agent}i\""
	CommonLogFormat   = "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %s %b"

Most commonly used log formats.

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const StandardEnglishFormat = "02/Jan/2006:15:04:05 -0700"

StandardEnglishFormat is the time layout to use for parsing %t format.


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type AccessLogEntry

type AccessLogEntry struct {
	RemoteIPAddr        string            // Remote IP address
	LocalIPAddr         string            // Local IP address
	ResponseSize        int64             // Size of response in bytes, excluding HTTP headers
	Cookies             map[string]string // Cookies value
	ElapsedTime         int64             // Time taken to serve the request, in microseconds
	EnvVars             map[string]string // Content of the environment variables
	Headers             map[string]string // Content of the request headers
	Filename            string            // Filename
	RemoteHost          string            // Remote host
	RequestProto        string            // Request protocol
	KeepAliveRequests   int64             // Number of keepalive requests handled on this connection
	RemoteLogname       string            // Remote logname. A "-" is returned, when not supplied
	RequestMethod       string            // Request method
	Port                string            // Canonical port of the server serving the request
	ProcessID           int64             // Process ID of the child that serviced the request
	QueryString         string            // Query string (prepended with a ? if exists)
	RequestFirstLine    RequestFirstLine  // First line of the request
	Status              string            // Status
	Time                time.Time         // Time the request was received (standard english format)
	ElapsedTimeSec      int64             // Time taken to serve the request, in seconds
	RemoteUser          string            // Remote user (from auth)
	URLPath             string            // URL path requested, not including any query string
	CanonicalServerName string            // Canonical ServerName of the server serving the request
	ServerName          string            // Server name according to the UseCanonicalName setting
	BytesReceived       int64             // Bytes received, including request and headers
	BytesSent           int64             // Bytes sent, including headers

An AccessLogEntry represents a line of an access log.

type Format

type Format int

Format supported by the Apache mod_log_config module. For more information, see:

const (
	REMOTE_IP_ADDRESS     Format // %a
	LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS             // %A
	RESPONSE_SIZE                // %B
	RESPONSE_SIZE_CLF            // %b
	COOKIE                       // %{Foobar}C
	ELAPSED_TIME                 // %D
	ENV_VAR                      // %{FOOBAR}e
	HEADER                       // %{Foobar}i
	FILENAME                     // %f
	REMOTE_HOST                  // %h
	REQUEST_PROTO                // %H
	REMOTE_LOGNAME               // %l
	REQUEST_METHOD               // %m
	PORT                         // %p
	PROCESS_ID                   // %P
	QUERY_STRING                 // %q
	REQUEST_FIRST_LINE           // %r
	STATUS                       // %s
	TIME                         // %t
	REMOTE_USER                  // %u
	URL_PATH                     // %U
	SERVER_NAME                  // %V
	BYTES_RECEIVED               // %I
	BYTES_SENT                   // %O
	ELAPSED_TIME_IN_SEC          // %T

	UNKNOWN // for errors

Supported formats.

TODO(gilliek): move complex format, such as COOKIE, at the bottom of the list in order to treat them separately.

func LookupFormat

func LookupFormat(format string) Format

LookupFormat retrieves the format corresponding to the given format string.

func (Format) String

func (f Format) String() string

type Parser

type Parser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Parser for parsing Apaache access log files.

func CombinedParser

func CombinedParser(r io.Reader) (*Parser, error)

CombinedParser creates a new parser that reads from r and that parses log entries using the Apache Combined Log format.

func CommonParser

func CommonParser(r io.Reader) (*Parser, error)

CommonParser creates a new parser that reads from r and that parses log entries using the Apache Common Log format.

func CustomParser

func CustomParser(r io.Reader, format string) (*Parser, error)

CustomParser creates a new parser that reads from r and that is capable of parsing log entries having the given format.

The format is mostly the same as the one defined by the mod_log_config Apache module:


However, unlike the Apache format, it does not support modifiers of any kind (<, >, !, ...).

func (*Parser) Parse

func (p *Parser) Parse() (*AccessLogEntry, error)

Parse the next access log entry. If there is no more data to read and parse, an io.EOF error is returned.

type RequestFirstLine

type RequestFirstLine struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RequestFirstLine is a handy structure to hold the first line of the HTTP request. It provides accessors to access the HTTP method, the path and the protocol information contained in the raw first line.

func NewRequestFirstLine

func NewRequestFirstLine(raw string) RequestFirstLine

NewRequestFirstLine creates a new RequestFirstLine with the supplied raw first line.

This function does not parse or do anything else than initializing the structure.

func (*RequestFirstLine) GobDecode

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) GobDecode(b []byte) error

func (RequestFirstLine) GobEncode

func (rfl RequestFirstLine) GobEncode() ([]byte, error)

func (*RequestFirstLine) Method

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) Method() string

Method returns the method held in the HTTP request first line.

func (*RequestFirstLine) Path

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) Path() string

Path returns the parsed path (without url "percent encoding") held in the HTTP request first line.

func (*RequestFirstLine) Protocol

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) Protocol() string

Protocol returns the protocol held in the HTTP request first line.

func (*RequestFirstLine) QueryValues

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) QueryValues() url.Values

QueryValues returns query values (url.Values) derived from URL.RawQuery

func (*RequestFirstLine) RawPath

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) RawPath() string

RawPath returns the raw path held in the HTTP request first line.

func (RequestFirstLine) String

func (rfl RequestFirstLine) String() string

func (*RequestFirstLine) URL

func (rfl *RequestFirstLine) URL() url.URL

URL returns url.URL structure derived from the raw path

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