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var (
	// ErrInvalidTopicFilter ...
	ErrInvalidTopicFilter = errors.New("invalid topic filter")
	// ErrInvalidQos ...
	ErrInvalidQos = errors.New("invalid Qos")
	// ErrInvalidUtf8String ...
	ErrInvalidUtf8String = errors.New("invalid utf-8 string")


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type Admin added in v0.5.0

type Admin interface {
	GetClients(limit, offset uint) (list []*admin.ClientInfo, total uint32, err error)
	GetClient(clientId string) (client *admin.ClientInfo, err error)
	GetSessions(limit, offset uint) (list []*admin.SessionInfo, total int, err error)
	GetSession(clientId string) (session *admin.SessionInfo, err error)
	GetSubscriptions(clientId string, limit, offset uint) (list []*admin.SubscriptionInfo, total int, err error)
	Subscribe(clientId, topic string, qos int) (err error)
	Unsubscribe(clientId, topic string) (err error)
	Publish(topic string, qos int, payload []byte, retain bool) (err error)
	CloseClient(clientId string) (err error)
	SearchTopic(query string) (result []*admin.SubscriptionInfo, err error)

Admin ...

type Config added in v0.5.0

type Config struct {
	Port                       int
	RetryInterval              time.Duration
	RetryCheckInterval         time.Duration
	SessionExpiryInterval      time.Duration
	SessionExpireCheckInterval time.Duration
	QueueQos0Messages          bool
	MaxInflight                int
	MaxAwaitRel                int
	MaxMsgQueue                int
	Logging                    bool
	DebugMode                  common.RunMode

Config ...

type GMqttServer added in v0.5.0

type GMqttServer interface {
	// ...
	Run() error
	// ...
	Stop(ctx context.Context) error
	// ...
	Init(opts ...server.Options) error
	// SubscriptionStore returns the subscription.Store.
	SubscriptionService() server.SubscriptionService
	// RetainedStore returns the retained.Store.
	RetainedStore() retained.Store
	// Publisher returns the Publisher
	Publisher() server.Publisher
	// client return the ClientService
	ClientService() server.ClientService
	// GetConfig returns the config of the server
	GetConfig() config.Config
	// StatsManager returns StatsReader
	StatsManager() server.StatsReader

GMqttServer ...

type Message added in v0.2.0

type Message struct {
	Dup      bool
	Qos      uint8
	Retained bool
	Topic    string
	PacketID uint16
	Payload  []byte

Message ...

type MessageHandler added in v0.2.0

type MessageHandler func(MqttCli, Message)

MessageHandler ...

type Mqtt

type Mqtt struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Mqtt ...

func (*Mqtt) Admin added in v0.5.0

func (m *Mqtt) Admin() Admin

Admin ...

func (*Mqtt) Authenticator added in v0.5.0

func (m *Mqtt) Authenticator() mqtt_authenticator.MqttAuthenticator

Authenticator ...

func (*Mqtt) NewClient

func (m *Mqtt) NewClient(name string) (client MqttCli)

NewClient ...

func (*Mqtt) Publish added in v0.0.25

func (m *Mqtt) Publish(topic string, payload []byte, qos uint8, retain bool) (err error)

Publish ...

func (*Mqtt) RemoveClient added in v0.5.0

func (m *Mqtt) RemoveClient(name string)

RemoveClient ...

func (*Mqtt) Shutdown

func (m *Mqtt) Shutdown() (err error)

Shutdown ...

func (*Mqtt) Start added in v0.5.0

func (m *Mqtt) Start()

Start ...

type MqttBind added in v0.0.19

type MqttBind struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MqttBind ...

func NewMqttBind added in v0.0.19

func NewMqttBind(mqtt MqttServ) *MqttBind

NewMqttBind ...

func (MqttBind) Publish added in v0.0.19

func (m MqttBind) Publish(topic string, payload []byte, qos uint8, retain bool)

Publish ...

type MqttCli added in v0.5.0

type MqttCli interface {
	Publish(topic string, payload []byte) error
	Subscribe(topic string, handler MessageHandler) error
	Unsubscribe(topic string)
	OnMsgArrived(ctx context.Context, client server.Client, req *server.MsgArrivedRequest)

MqttCli ...

func NewClient

func NewClient(mqtt *Mqtt, name string) MqttCli

NewClient ...

type MqttServ added in v0.5.0

type MqttServ interface {
	Shutdown() error
	Publish(topic string, payload []byte, qos uint8, retain bool) error
	NewClient(name string) MqttCli
	RemoveClient(name string)
	Admin() Admin
	Authenticator() mqtt_authenticator.MqttAuthenticator

MqttServ ...

func NewMqtt

func NewMqtt(lc fx.Lifecycle,
	cfg *Config,
	authenticator mqtt_authenticator.MqttAuthenticator,
	scriptService scripts.ScriptService,
) (mqtt MqttServ)

NewMqtt ...


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