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Package chefcrypto bundles up crytographic routines for goairdi. DEPRECATED: This library has been moved to, and will be removed from goiardi with a later release.



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func Auth12HeaderVerify

func Auth12HeaderVerify(pkPem string, hashed, sig []byte) error

Auth12HeaderVerify verifies the newer version 1.2 Chef authentication protocol headers.

func GenerateRSAKeys

func GenerateRSAKeys() (string, string, error)

GenerateRSAKeys creates a pair of private and public keys for a client.

func GenerateSalt

func GenerateSalt() ([]byte, error)

GenerateSalt makes a new salt for hashing a password.

func HashPasswd

func HashPasswd(passwd string, salt []byte) (string, error)

HashPasswd SHA512 hashes a password string with the provided salt.

func HeaderDecrypt

func HeaderDecrypt(pkPem string, data string) ([]byte, error)

HeaderDecrypt decrypts the encrypted header with the client or user's public key for validating requests. This function is informed by chef-golang's privateDecrypt function.

func SignTextBlock added in v0.8.0

func SignTextBlock(textBlock string, privKey *rsa.PrivateKey) (string, error)

SignTextBlock signs a block of text using the provided private RSA key. Used by shovey to sign requests that the client can verify.

func ValidatePublicKey

func ValidatePublicKey(publicKey interface{}) (bool, error)

ValidatePublicKey checks that the provided public key is valid.


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