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type BuildState

type BuildState struct {
	Started  int64
	Finished int64
	ExitCode int

BuildState stores information about a build process including the Exit status and various Runtime statistics (coming soon).

type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// Image specifies the Docker Image that will be
	// used to virtualize the Build process.
	Build *script.Build

	// Source specifies the Repository path of the code
	// that we are testing.
	// The source repository may be a local repository
	// on the current filesystem, or a remote repository
	// on GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.
	Repo *repo.Repo

	// Key is an identify file, such as an RSA private key, that
	// will be copied into the environments ~/.ssh/id_rsa file.
	Key []byte

	// Timeout is the maximum amount of to will wait for a process
	// to exit. The default is no timeout.
	Timeout time.Duration

	// Privileged indicates the build should be executed in privileged
	// mode. The default is false.
	Privileged bool

	// Stdout specifies the builds's standard output.
	// If stdout is nil, Run connects the corresponding file descriptor
	// to the null device (os.DevNull).
	Stdout io.Writer

	// BuildState contains information about an exited build,
	// available after a call to Run.
	BuildState *BuildState
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder represents a build process being prepared to run.

func New

func New(dockerClient *docker.Client) *Builder

func (*Builder) Run

func (b *Builder) Run() error


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