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type AmazonSES

type AmazonSES struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AmazonSES struct holds necessary data to communicate with the Amazon Simple Email Service API.

func New

func New(accessKeyID, secretKey, region, senderAddress string) (*AmazonSES, error)

New returns a new instance of a AmazonSES notification service. You will need an Amazon Simple Email Service API access key and secret. See

func (*AmazonSES) AddReceivers

func (a *AmazonSES) AddReceivers(addresses ...string)

AddReceivers takes email addresses and adds them to the internal address list. The Send method will send a given message to all those addresses.

func (AmazonSES) Send

func (a AmazonSES) Send(ctx context.Context, subject, message string) error

Send takes a message subject and a message body and sends them to all previously set chats. Message body supports html as markup language.

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