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const (
	// FcResume Time it takes to resume a VM from containerd
	FcResume = "FcResume"
	// ConnectFuncClient Time it takes to reconnect function client
	ConnectFuncClient = "ConnectFuncClient"

	// LoadVMM Name of LoadVMM metric
	LoadVMM = "LoadVMM"

	// AddInstance Time to add instance - load snap or start vm
	AddInstance = "AddInstance"
	// FuncInvocation Time to get response from function
	FuncInvocation = "FuncInvocation"
	// RetireOld Time to offload/stop instance if threshold exceeded
	RetireOld = "RetireOld"

	// GetImage Time to pull docker image
	GetImage = "GetImage"
	// FcCreateVM Time to create VM
	FcCreateVM = "FcCreateVM"
	// NewContainer Time to create new container
	NewContainer = "NewContainer"
	// NewTask Time to create new task
	NewTask = "NewTask"
	// TaskWait Time to wait for task to be ready
	TaskWait = "TaskWait"
	// TaskStart Time to start task
	TaskStart = "TaskStart"


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func PrintMeanStd

func PrintMeanStd(resultsPath, funcName string, metricsList ...*Metric) error

PrintMeanStd prints the mean and standard deviation of each component of Metric

func ToUS

func ToUS(dur time.Duration) float64

ToUS Converts Duration to microseconds


type Metric

type Metric struct {
	MetricMap map[string]float64

Metric A general metric

func NewMetric

func NewMetric() *Metric

NewMetric Create a new metric

func (*Metric) PrintAll

func (m *Metric) PrintAll()

PrintAll Prints a breakdown of the time

func (*Metric) PrintTotal

func (m *Metric) PrintTotal()

PrintTotal Prints the total time

func (*Metric) Total

func (m *Metric) Total() float64

Total Calculates the total time per stat

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