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func UserAcceptanceTestSuit

func UserAcceptanceTestSuit(t *testing.T, testers Testers, serverStarter ServerStarter, local bool, options ...string)


type Page

type Page struct {
	T      *testing.T
	Driver *agouti.WebDriver
	Quit   chan struct{}

func (*Page) Attr

func (page *Page) Attr(s *agouti.Selection, attr, res string)

func (*Page) Click

func (page *Page) Click(xpath string, intervals ...int)

func (*Page) ClickS

func (page *Page) ClickS(s *agouti.Selection, intervals ...int)

func (*Page) Contain

func (page *Page) Contain(s string)

func (*Page) Css

func (page *Page) Css(xpath, css, res string)

func (*Page) CssS

func (page *Page) CssS(s *agouti.Selection, css, res string)

func (*Page) Destroy

func (page *Page) Destroy()

func (*Page) Display

func (page *Page) Display(xpath string)

func (*Page) Fill

func (page *Page) Fill(xpath, content string)

func (*Page) MoveMouseBy

func (page *Page) MoveMouseBy(xOffset, yOffset int)

func (*Page) NavigateTo

func (page *Page) NavigateTo(path string)

func (*Page) NoContain

func (page *Page) NoContain(s string)

func (*Page) Nondisplay

func (page *Page) Nondisplay(xpath string)

func (*Page) Text

func (page *Page) Text(xpath, text string)

func (*Page) Value

func (page *Page) Value(xpath, value string)

func (*Page) Wait

func (page *Page) Wait(t int)

type ServerStarter

type ServerStarter func(quit chan struct{})

type Testers

type Testers func(t *testing.T, page *Page)

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